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We believe that it is the right of every individual to have access to affordable high quality medical care.

Medical care is expensive. We know by personal experience that patients can receive quality medical care at a fraction of the cost by travelling overseas. To achieve this goal, Medical Departures will build the largest global medical marketplace: to bring customers together with high quality global medical providers.

We believe that we can provide medical services to the planet that will improve people's lives through greater transparency and quality. Medical Departures will leverage disruptive ideas & technology to create real value for our customers.

We promise to focus relentlessly on you our customer: to deliver you high quality medical services at a reasonable price.

A world of medical care. For less.

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You can contact us at the following:

30 Duxton Road, #02-00, Singapore 089494

  • Aileen Castro
    Aileen Castro Senior Sales Manager
    Live, Love, Eat and Pray
    What do you love about Medical Departures?
    I love our MANTRA!
    Fun fact?
    loves dogs
    Best place to be?
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  • Alex Christodoulou
    Alex Christodoulou SEO Manger
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  • Amanda Duffy
    Amanda Duffy Copywrite, Editing, Content Management
    Nil Satis Nisi Optimum (Only the best will do)
    What do you love about Medical Departures?
    It's new, fresh, exciting....and a little scary....NOT the people or the culture but because we're not an established old fuddy-duddy, and are open to new things as we go along. I love what we're doing and trying to achieve, interacting with work colleagues across the globe and the fact that I can work from virtually anywhere.
    Fun fact?
    The first time I ever flew I wasn't in the plane when it landed - I did a parachute jump for charity.
    Where have you received medical care?
    Only the UK.
    Best place to be?
    Somewhere tropical.
    What is your favorite customer story?
    Any where we have made a difference.
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  • Andrea Guerrero
    Andrea Guerrero Data Entry Agent
    keep spreading the magic of love.
    What do you love about Medical Departures?
    That I can work anywhere that has internet,
    Where have you received medical care?
    Almater in Mexicali BC.
    Best place to be?
    I like quiet places where i can have a good conversation .
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  • Arthur Layese
    Arthur Layese Web Developer
    Work like you don't need money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like no one's watching.
    What do you love about Medical Departures?
    The founders, the culture, the people around especially the devteam, the technology, and most important the mission to provide customer the smile they need, and above all in DD customer is second to none.
    Fun fact?
    It's hard to face your problem if your problem is your face.
    Best place to be?
    At home with my family.
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  • Bilguitei Buyankhishig
    Bilguitei Buyankhishig SEM Specialist
    Life is journey
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  • David De Los Santos
    David De Los Santos Data Entry Agent
    Only a life lived for others is worth living - Albert Einstein
    What do you love about Medical Departures?
    The chance to work with a great team from all around the world. Working for Dental Departures has given me great experience that I know will help me through out my life.
    Fun fact?
    Huge Stephen King fan, if he's written it, I've read it.
    Best place to be?
    As long as you are with people who you love and love you back, anywhere is paradise.
    What is your favorite customer story?
    Working with the clinics more than patients, it is always great to watch a clinic grow within Dental Departures and them being grateful for all the work that together we bring.
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  • Jerome Samuels
    Jerome Samuels Director - Inside Sales / Customer Care
    "Take a step towards me and I'll come running towards you"
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  • Jessa Handang
    Jessa Handang Patient Care Coordinator
    “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” - Steve Jobs
    What do you love about Medical Departures?
    I love to be of service to others and that is one of the reasons why I love working with Dental Departures. Everyday I have the opportunity to learn and be friend to anyone from anywhere.
    Fun fact?
    The place to be happy is here, The time to be happy is now, The way to be happy is to make others happy and I make a little heaven down here. I always have fun no matter what the circumstances is.
    Best place to be?
    Home. There's no place like home.
    What is your favorite customer story?
    My favorite customer story is when my customer leave a review for me and said "I am the BEST". I cannot even recall how I helped him. Fact is, in Dental Departures "We are all the BEST", it is just so happen that I was the one who assisted him. Good thing about it is, I am always doing my best and to be at my best.
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  • Lance Frey
    Lance Frey CFO
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  • Lucely Castro
    Lucely Castro Quality Assurance
    Every Days is an opportunity to do things better!
    What do you love about Medical Departures?
    The work philosophy and environment, we are a true team! We help, inform and motivate each other to do our very best! Both our leaders and team mates.
    Fun fact?
    Well, I am very visual person so my fun fact was to come to realize that V and I share this love for color and highlighting things for the world to see. Maybe a little too much so it makes us laugh :)
    Where have you received medical care?
    I have not received Medical Care :)
    Best place to be?
    Sitting at the beach enjoying a sunset, this is my favorite time of the day! Either with my family or by myself is my happiest time of the day and the best place to spend it at!
    What is your favorite customer story?
    I have enjoyed taking care of patient's who are truly thankful for the follow up you provide and even take your calls making you feel welcomed. Mr. Mark Luce is one of them, truly respectful for our work, satisfied customer who's life has improved tremendously thanks to work well done in Costa Rica.
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  • Mariana Ilie
    Mariana Ilie Patient Care
    Smile for your life.
    Fun fact?
    I've lived in China for a couple of years and studied yoga in India
    Where have you received medical care?
    I have received medical care in China, Mexico City and some countries in Europe.
    Best place to be?
    There are amazing places in Europe, Asia and Latin America that I've been to. However, the best places to be are still the ones I can call home
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  • Natpawinee Howiwatwong
    Natpawinee Howiwatwong Sales Manager Thailand
    Where there is a will,there is a way
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  • Non Intanon
    Non Intanon Development Director
    Half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb about.
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  • Olivier  Alcouffe
    Olivier Alcouffe Social media advertising manager
    Hello I'm French
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  • Patthanan Mariah Sangkularb
    Patthanan Mariah Sangkularb Sale Support (Thailand)
    "The only way to great work is love what to do"
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  • Paul McTaggart
    Paul McTaggart CEO
    I love helping our customers get the smile they deserve!
    What do you love about Medical Departures?
    I love that Dental Departures helps our customers get new smiles. Every day our team is truly making a dent in the universe by helping our customers book an appointment with a high quality & affordable global dentist.
    Fun fact?
    I like everything related to science fiction - in particular Star Trek Next Generation. Jean-Luc Picard is one of my many role models…but I'm not hard-core to have dressed up like him just yet ;)
    Best place to be?
    Exploring the planet with my family (wife, 2 daughters, sister, mother & father) and our global family of friends :)
    What is your favorite customer story?
    My favourite customer story is helping my dad get his new smile. My dad is one of the people who inspired me to help co-found Dental Departures.
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  • Phanchita Peerasidthinun
    Phanchita Peerasidthinun Customer Care Agent Thailand
    Work Life Balance
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  • Rossarin Phinyowan
    Rossarin Phinyowan Executive Assistant - Thailand
    Be different is the way of being No.1
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  • Songpan Ongkananuwong
    Songpan Ongkananuwong Conversion Optimization Specialist
    Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. -Søren Kierkegaard
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  • Suchera Withitsoonthorn
    Suchera Withitsoonthorn Customer Care Representative
    “In teaching others we teach ourselves.”
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  • Sukhum (Jo) Pitayapiboonpong
    Sukhum (Jo) Pitayapiboonpong Financial Analyst
    Work hard dream big.
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  • Sulee Pichetskul
    Sulee Pichetskul Accounting Manager
    Do the best!!
    What do you love about Medical Departures?
    It's the best website that create world class dental treatment with reasonable price in global scale.
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  • Suzy Ng
    Suzy Ng Sales Manager - Malaysia
    I'm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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  • Teddy Wahyudhana
    Teddy Wahyudhana Sales Manager - Bali, Indonesia
    Don't forget to be happy
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  • Veetita Sakpisit
    Veetita Sakpisit Patient Care Coordinator
    Keep moving forward!
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  • Virginia Osuna
    Virginia Osuna Patient Coordinator
    Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
    What do you love about Medical Departures?
    Love the leadership that we have. I love my colleagues, we are very close and always help each other. And most off all I love the opportunity I have to be able to help people around the WORLD get the smile they deserve!. =)
    Fun fact?
    I dont like cold weather. I get cold in summer in Cancun or Mexicali. I'm the crazy lady wearing a jacket (or a coat) when it's less than 80°F . Oh, and I always use smiley's when I write!! =P
    Where have you received medical care?
    Mexicali, Los Algodones
    Best place to be?
    With my Family and a Beautiful Beach. =D
    What is your favorite customer story?
    There are too many to share them all, mostly the ones that I get the opportunity to help through live chat. Help them in the moment they need it most. Hear that we are changing their lives, the way they look and smile after getting the help they need. Knowing that they had their questions answered and help them ask the right questions. Don't be afraid to say "Hello" and start asking questions the next time the chat box appears on your screen ;-)
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Useful and trustable

Are you putting off medical care or have you received a shockingly expensive quote? If so there is another option available: receive medical care overseas and save up to 70%.

Here is how it works:

Visit and search 2000+ doctor in 13 countries around the globe. You can easily compare clinics and review all the details you need to know about the clinic:

  • high resolution photos of the clinic and staff
  • doctor education and experience
  • price list
  • the years the clinic has been in business
  • payment methods accepted
  • hours of operation
  • medical clinic certifications
  • medical extras (free WiFi, free consultation, free transportation, free hotel stay etc.)

You've found the perfect medical clinic overseas and now it is time to make an appointment.

Click the big 'Book Now' button and enter the details of your appointment: the date you would like to receive treatment and the medical work you need.

When you click the big 'Confirm' button you have just confirmed your appointment. You will receive a confirmation e-mail providing you with all the details you need for your appointment:

  • Appointment date
  • Clinic name
  • Clinic phone number
  • Clinic e-mail address
  • Clinic map
  • Medical procedures requested

You will receive a follow-up e-mail or phone call directly from the medical clinic about your appointment. At this time the medical clinic may request further information about your medical health (past history, X-rays, photos) that you can choose to send to the clinic prior to your appointment.

You can easily change/cancel your appointment at any time with Medical Departures by visiting and clicking on 'Login'. Medical Departures does not charge a change/cancel fee. Please note, you may still be subject to change and cancellation fees that the medical clinic itself may impose. So go ahead, be free to change your mind.

Some medical clinics may require an initial deposit. These deposits terms will clearly be displayed in your confirmation e-mail and they can also be found on the clinics' listing under 'about clinic' and 'deposit terms'.

Now it is time to travel to your medical clinic for treatment! Print out your confirmation e-mail and bring it with you when you check-in at the medical clinic on the date/time agreed upon with the clinic. When you step through the clinic's doors you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality, cleanliness and modern equipment.

The doctor will first conduct an oral exam to determine your treatment plan. What work you think you need done on your teeth may in fact be different than what your doctor recommends. Once you have agreed with the treatment plan provided by your doctor lay back and enjoy!

You've completed your treatment and now you can smile with confidence!

You will pay the medical clinic directly for your medical treatment: you do not pay Medical Departures . You can pay for your medical treatment using payment methods (i.e. cash, credit card, PayPal etc.) accepted by the clinic which you can review in the 'about clinic' 'acceptable payment methods' area.

Please note, that you will pay your clinic in the local currency of the country where the clinic is located. Your credit card company may charge you a foreign exchange fee to complete the transaction in the local currency. In addition, we advise that you contact your credit card company ahead of your appointment to inform them of your medical payment because they may decline the transaction.

The way we help

We understand that travelling outside of your country for medical care maybe confusing and even overwhelming. Here is how Medical Departures can help:

Find good quality global clinicians

Each clinic listed on the Medical Departures website must complete a questionnaire pertaining to the doctors and their qualifications and licenses, as well as procedures adopted by the clinic toward safety and hygiene. Questions include years in business, doctor licensing, insurance, warranties and guarantees, criminal or malpractice history and sterilization protocols.

Patient testimonials and reviews are an important part of our quality measures – after all, no-one knows more about the quality of services than our patients. Medical Departures publishes reviews written by patients who have had treatment at the clinics on our site. Ensuring these reviews are truthful, and an accurate reflection of each patient’s experience is imperative, which is why we publish all reviews – good, bad or indifferent – and take care to remove fake ones.

Furthermore, personally visiting clinics and meeting with both the doctors and the management teams plays a crucial part. We currently visit 80% of our clinics every year, but hope to increase this to 100% in the near future.

Save money

Medical insurance doesn’t come cheap and in countries where there is public health care, waiting lists are long. In any case, feel-good cosmetic surgery treatments are rarely included in healthcare coverage. Most people can save at least 50%, amounting to thousands on even a relatively small cosmetic surgery treatment abroad, so travelling overseas for your treatment is kind to your pocket.

If you are wondering why medical treatment is so much less abroad it is not because the quality is less, or the materials used lower grade. It is simply because the cost of living is lower and so materials, labour costs and other overheads such as office rent are tiny compared to in the West.

Save time

Finding a good doctor or surgeon overseas is so much easier and quicker with Medical Departures. No longer do you have to trawl the internet to search for global medical clinics, you can find, compare and book an appointment on our site from providers available across the globe.

Feel safe & secure

Medical Departures takes your security seriously. We ensure your data is safe by storing your personal information in secure databases at secure addresses. Only authorized people at Medical Departures have access to your data and we do not give or sell any of your information to any other sources. Your appointment data is protected and encrypted during transmission with Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and all our security protocols are certified by VeriSign.

Why use Medical Departures?

No booking fees

If you book an appointment at Medical Departures we do not charge you a booking fee or 'convenience' fee!

Save up to 70%

Are you putting off medical care or have you received a shockingly expensive medical quote? If so there is another option available: receive medical care overseas and save up to 70%!

Quality doctor from around the globe can provide you the same level of medical care (if not better) for a fraction of the cost at home.

Best Price Guarantee

If you find a cheaper price for your medical work we will match it! We work with our global medical clinics to get you the best medical prices. Should you find your medical procedure, with the same doctor, with the same dates at a lower rate on the internet after you have booked, we'll match it. Just contact us within 24 hours of booking, with details of the website and we will match the price.

Maximum Selection

Browse 2000+ clinics in 13 countries. Save time by easily comparing clinics and doctors from around the globe!

Compare clinics and doctors by viewing their photos, reviews, prices, education, years in business, free extras and certification.

Shop in your Currency

Explore the cost of medical treatment around the globe in your home currency. We know there is no better way to figure out how much you can save than viewing prices in your home currency.

Medical Departures supports the Euro, Pound Sterling, US dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Mexican peso, Thai baht, Norwegian krone, Danish krone, Philippine peso, Malaysian ringgit, Singapore dollar, Chinese yuan, Vietnamese dong, Hong Kong dollar, Costa Rican colon, Indonesian rupiah, and Colombian peso currencies.

Risk Free Booking-No Cancellation Fees

Plans change and we understand that you may want to spend your time at the beach rather than at the doctor! Medical Departures will never charge you a change/cancel fee.

You can easily change/cancel your appointment at any time with Medical Departures by visiting and clicking on 'Login'. Please note, you may still be subject to change and cancellation fees that the medical clinic itself may impose. So go ahead, be free to change your mind!

Our involvement

As part of Medical Departures’ commitment in supporting local communities, we were overjoyed to be involved in a charity event at the Foundation Slum Child Care in Bangkok’s Chatujak District on 11th December 2015.

Medical Departures Team - Child Care Foundation

The Foundation is located in a slum area of the City and helps to take care of young children aged 3 months to 5 years old who come from underprivileged backgrounds. Many of these children are from poor families who cannot afford kindergarten care or are orphaned and living with an elderly grandparent. The Foundation provides a place for the children to be looked after while their parents are working and offers respite for carers.

Medical Departures Team doing Charity Event

We send big thanks to the Bangkok Smile Dental Group (BSDG) for supporting and joining in with our efforts and for donating toothbrushes and 5,000 THB to the Foundation.

Medical Departures Team doing Charity Event - Child Care

We enjoyed a fun morning and as we joined in with the entertainment activities, as well as imparting some practical knowledge to the children on the right way to brush their teeth. We donated toothbrushes, toothpaste, books and pencils and are always proud to lend a hand and give something back to the community, wherever and whenever we can.

Medical Departures Team with Child Care in Bangkok
Medical Departures Team with Child Care in Thailand Medical Departures Team helping Foundation Slum Child Care

The Foundation Slum Child Care is located at Sueayai Community, Soi Sueayai,Ratchada 36m Ladyao Sub-District, Chatujak, Bangkok 10900 Thailand

Link on Foundation FB

Philippines and Smile More Dental Clinic conducted a charity event

Medical Departures - Philippines and Smile More Dental Clinic conducted a charity event at Asilo de San Vicente de Paul Orphanage on 11th October 2015.

Medical Departures Team - Charity Event

Medical Departures believes in blessings in disguise and this is not the first time the Company has shared its blessings with unfortunate children. It is always in our hearts to extend a helping hand and to do more every day to enrich the lives of those whose needs are greater than ours.

Medical Departures Team in Asilo de San Vicente de Paul Orphanage Medical Departures Team in Asilo de San Vicente de Paul Orphanage

Dr Richard Liao, a specialist at the Smile More Dental Clinic, also happens to have the same objectives. We combined our efforts and got together to deliver a special charity event where gifts were donated to the children, Dr Liao prepared food and the children sang songs. The happy smiles on the faces of these children, who despite being abandoned by their own parents welcomed us as part of their family, enough to make anyone teary-eyed.

Medical Departures Team donate gifts Medical Departures Team share prepared food for children

The important thing in life is to leave something behind that far outlasts our own lives, and to touch as many lives as we can in a positive way. This is something that Dr Liao believes in wholeheartedly, and also, a mantra Medical Departures is fully committed to.

Medical Departures Team got certification from Asilo de San Vicente de Paul Orphanage

We will continue doing charity events, not only in the Philippines but also in the other parts of the world and to carry on supporting the lives of our local communities who are in need of our tender loving care.

At Medical Departures we believe that everyone should have a good quality of life and are conscious of the needs of our communities. We are happy and excited to be involved and to have the opportunity of supporting them.

On July 16, 2014 some of the Medical Departures team got together at Mexicali, Mexico for community work at Casa Hogar Betesda.

Medical Departures Team in Casa Betesda
Medical Departures Team in Casa Betesda selfie Medical Departures Team in Casa Betesda transport

Casa Hogar Betesda has, for more than 9 years, been rescuing kids from the streets, and currently supports 30+ kids providing protection, food, education and a safe place to live.

Casa Betesda children drawing Casa Betesda children being helped
Casa Betesda instructor in a group activity

The Medical Departures team donated food and toys to Casa Betesda, as well as volunteering our services by painting several areas of the facility. We also had a good time getting to know some of the kids and playing some games, including soccer.

Medical Departures team helping get the ball rolling Medical Departures team playing soccer with Casa Betesda
Medical Departures team painting

We are very pleased to receive support from our dental partners in Mexicali and Los Algodones. Continental Dental Group provides regular check-ups and fluoride treatments to all the children. Also, Sani Dental Group, Dr. Sonia Edeza, Simply Dental and Castle Dental donated food, paint and supplies.

Continental Dental Group applying check-ups and flouride treatments to all Casa Betesda children
Medical Departures Team Painting Medical Departures Team Painting
Casa Betesda Children receiving food supplies Medical Departures Team delivering food supplies

Medical Departures and its partners are proud to be contributing in some small way to our local communities, and we look forward to our continuing involvement in helping kids with their oral health, as well as other projects in years to come.

Medical Departures Team and Casa Betesda Children

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