3 Reasons to Book a Holiday for Chin Augmentation Tijuana


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Are you sitting at home wondering how you are going to raise the money to buy those chin augmentation treatments that you so badly need? The prices in America are so extortionate, I wonder sometimes if it’s a badly conceived joke. Well, guess what? It isn’t a joke! They are for real. But don’t worry, as all is not lost. When you absolutely need to find cheap chin augmentation, Tijuana in Mexico is a viable option. Here are 3 reasons why you need to consider this today!

#1 - The Prices are so Cheap!

Thank goodness Donald Trump hasn’t quite yet managed to gain enough support to build a wall between the USA and Mexico. If he had done so, we wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the cheap prices for chin augmentation Tijuana has on offer. The prices are so cheap that it makes sense to hop over the border. Thousands of Americans and Canadians, and even some Europeans are visiting Mexico for all manner of affordable cosmetic, medical and even dental treatments.


In fact, if you are looking for an affordable chin augmentation price, Dr. Ricardo Vega Montiel in Tijuana charges approximately: US $4000 (CAN $5,121; UK £3,092; Euro €3,550; Aus $5,172; NZ $5,513). These low prices ensure that those in America who thought they could never have the chin augmentation treatments they have dreamed about have a very viable option in Tijuana.

#2 Top-Notch Doctors and Clinics

Now we have deduced that prices for chin augmentation Tijuana-style are so cheap, surely that must mean the treatments are cheap and inferior, right? Nope, wrong! Why do you think Mexico attracts so many international patients to its medical and cosmetic treatment centers? Because Tijuana has a vast plethora of clinics that offer cheap prices with top-notch treatments performed by fully-trained specialists, the likes of which you would expect to find back home.

Merging quality with affordability is why the chin augmentation review pages online are so positive about Tijuana clinics.

#3 It’s only over the Border

The third and final reason why you need to take advantage of the cheaply priced chin augmentation Tijuana has to offer is convenience. If you are an American, or even a Canadian, Mexico is a relatively short distance. If you live in California, visiting Tijuana for cosmetic treatments makes even more sense. With prices so low, you can travel for your treatments, have some time exploring Mexico and still make massive savings on having the treatments at home. This is why so many Americans are making that move and looking further afield for their treatments.

Are you an America who simply can’t afford the extortionate prices back home for chin augmentation? Tijuana in Mexico is offering you the perfect opportunity to get those treatments for a fraction of the price back home. The treatments are also performed to the highest standards possible, so you pretty much get an amazing deal that you would never be able to find in the Western world.