3 Top-Quality Hospitals in Tijuana for plastic surgery


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Do you want any plastic surgery or cosmetic treatment? For instance you may be looking for cheap liposuction. Tijuana is an excellent place to go to for any kind of elective procedure. With increasing numbers of people wanting to look good, plastic surgery in no longer only for the rich and famous. However, it is something you have to pay for and this is where medical tourism comes to your rescue as you can avail of high quality treatment at an affordable rate if you travel to another country as a medical tourist, combining a holiday with cosmetic work.

What can liposuction do for you?

Liposuction is a procedure that removes fat deposits from your body from places where fat is difficult to get rid of via diet and exercise. Love handles, excess fat in the thighs, upper arms or abdomen or other places can be treated via liposuction. Cheap liposuction in Tijuana can help you get better contours.

It is a somewhat invasive procedure as fat is removed after inserting cannulas to remove the fat and this is done using anesthesia. Depending on the size of the incisions, you may require stitches or only bandages. You will also have to wear compression garments to enable the body to heal well.

Which are the 3 top-quality hospitals in Tijuana for liposuction? 

When you want cosmetic treatment, you should go to good quality medical centers. At Medical Departures we list only quality-checked clinics that we have personally verified to ensure that they follow international standards of treatment. We also do background checks on the doctors and confirm that they have the right qualifications, credentials and experience. We even offer the best price guarantee so that you don’t pay more. This makes cheap liposuction in Tijuana a safer and affordable experience. 3 top-quality hospitals in Tijuana are:

Ricardo Vega Montiel – working out of his own clinic, Dr. Vega is experienced in all kinds of surgical treatments including liposuction and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. The clinic has top-notch amenities in a relaxing ambience.

Advanced Health Medical Center – a JCI accredited facility, located in the popular Zona Rio area of the city, this center offers international quality treatments for all kinds of plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments.

Cammel Plastic Surgery –Dr. Daniel Camacho-Melo, member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), heads this clinic. Here you can avail of plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments of different kinds.

What is the liposuction treatment cost in Tijuana? 

The liposuction cost will depend on how many areas need to be treated and which kind of liposuction procedure is used. On an average liposuction may cost you around US$6,000 (CAD7,428, £4,483, €5,106, AUD7,639, NZD8,347) in a western country.

In comparison, in Tijuana similar treatment will cost you around US$2,500 (CAD3,095, £1,868, €2.127, AUD3,183, NZD3,478), which is a much more reasonable figure. For cheap liposuction Tijuana is the right place to go to.

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