5 Facts about Breast Reconstruction in Playa del Carmen


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If you are considering a breast reconstruction surgery in Playa del Carmen, then you are on the right track. The low cost of surgery and high quality are well worth your consideration. Before you finalize your plans however, you should make sure you have checked everything that you need to know exactly what a breast reconstruction in Playa del Carmen will be like.

No Compromise on Quality

Contrary to what some people believe, you don’t need to compromise on quality when traveling overseas for breast reconstruction surgery. If you need help deciphering which ones are best from their websites, feel free to use the Medical Departures list of clinics, all of which have been checked and verified.

Just because you are saving money doesn’t mean you will receive sub-standard service, as the lower prices are the result of lower operating costs in Mexico, in contrast to the highly expensive affair of running medical centers in the US and Canada, where red tape and high rents abound.


Where Are the World-Class Clinics?

This is a genuine concern for many and you should do your research fully before choosing a clinic. Thanks to Medical Departures, it’s quite easy to find world-class clinics in Playa del Carmen , as our portal provides clinic descriptions, reviews, photos & virtual tours, as well as prices for the top clinics at lots of popular medical tourism destinations. Here are two names you might consider in Playa del Carmen:

Feel free to read about these clinics on Medical Departures, and contact us for more information if necessary. Be sure to look at before & after photos on there, as these are crucial for helping you set realistic expectations, which in turn are crucial for being satisfied with the results of the procedure.

A Cost Comparison

You can save significant money on your breast reconstruction by having the surgery in Playa del Carmen instead of at a local clinic at home. Check out the price differences between Mexico and North of the Border:

Cost of breast reconstruction in the US: USD $14,895

Cost of breast reconstruction in Canada: CAD $20,105

Cost of breast reconstruction in Playa del Carmen: USD $2,950

CAD $3,982

As you can see, you can save around USD $12,000 / CAD $16,000, and you will receive the same quality of medical care, if you select the right clinic. These savings will more than cover the costs of transport and accommodation, leaving you with the body and bank balance you want.

No Language Barrier

The staff at the best clinics in Playa del Carmen speak fluent English, so you need not be concerned about the language barrier affecting your breast reconstruction. The top clinics also understand the need to make you as comfortable as possible. They compete for international medical travelers, so they are aware that clear communication in English is important. In medical work, there is no room for doubt and confusion, and thanks to these English-speaking breast reconstruction experts, you understand exactly what is happening.

A Relaxing Place to Recover

After your breast reconstruction in Playa del Carmen, you wi ll find it a tranquil place to recover . The ambiance and facilities of this beautiful resort town are highly conducive for people recovering from surgery, where, you can just hang out in this city to rest and recuperate. Do remember doctor’s orders to stay out of the sun for several weeks post-op.

Getting Started

When you are ready to arrange your consultation with us, you can do it online using the Dental Departures online appointment scheduler. Another option is to have the Customer Care Team arrange everything for you, so if that sounds easier just give them a call.


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