5 Great Reasons to Get Eyelid Surgery in Mexico


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The cost of the procedure in the US and Canada is quite high. The average cost for the surgery there is USD $6,318 (CAD $8,093). So it makes sense to look overseas for affordable eyelid surgery clinics. Mexico is the perfect medical tourism destination for eyelid surgery. You can save up to 80% on the cost of the treatment without compromising on your health and safety. The clinics in Mexico are equipped with cutting-edge medical technology and the surgeons are highly experienced.

There is a significant difference in eyelid surgery cost between Mexico and the US & Canada. Here is a look at the price of the procedure at the leading eyelid surgery clinics in Mexico:

The great thing is, you can easily find eyelid surgery reviews for each clinic on this list. Online reviews definitely help you compare the different eyelid surgery clinics in Mexico so you can make an informed decision. There is no dearth of topnotch eyelid surgery clinics, as you’ll see from previous patient testimonials.


Here are 5 reasons you should opt for eyelid surgery:

  1. Roll Back the Years

Puffy eyes and saggy skin around the eyes can make you appear older than you are. By opting for eyelid surgery, you can roll back the years and restore your youthful appearance. Moreover, eyelid surgeons also take care of eye bags and puffiness.

  1. Look Fresher

Excess skin around your eyes can make you look perpetually tired. Eyelid surgeons remove the skin during the surgery, making you look fresher. You will have a lower risk of puffy eyes and eye bag after eyelid surgery. Before and after images of past patients clearly show this difference.

  1. Treat Migraines

The trigger nerves that cause migraine are located around your eyelids. If you regularly suffer from migraine headaches, you can ask the surgeon to place incisions that relieve the pressure on these nerves. As a result, you might be able to get rid of migraines for good.

  1. Boost Your Vision

Contrary to popular misconception, eyelid surgery isn’t purely cosmetic. A number of patients experience an improvement in their vision after eyelid surgery. Before and after images show patients have been able to get rid of droopy eyelids and other similar issues that can hamper your vision.

Given the low eyelid surgery cost in Mexico, it is worth your while to go under the knife, especially because of the health benefits you enjoy in the process. The only catch is that you have to browse through a number of eyelid surgery clinics. Mexico offers affordable eyelid surgery, and you can get great value for money if you select the right facility.