5 Reasons to Consider Guadalajara for Breast Implants


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Guadalajara in Mexico is rapidly becoming a premier medical tourism destination . As such, it is a great place to go to if you are looking for breast implants, but you need to be confident before you go. To find out more, you should check verified breast implants reviews in Guadalajara, as this Mexican city is home to some excellent clinics with affordable prices, as well as former patients who are happy to share their before-and-after photos.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Guadalajara for your breast implant surgery.

#1 - Take Advantage of Mexico’s Medical Prices

The first reason to visit Guadalajara for your cosmetic treatments is that you want to take advantage of the low prices currently available for patients traveling to Mexico for medical care. Mexico is now one of the premier medical tourism destinations in the world , with prices that are on average 60% lower than in the West. Read on to find out how Guadalajara is now one of Mexico’s most popular medical tourism destinations.

#2 - Laidback Holiday Experience

The best way to compliment finding the best doctors for breast implants in Guadalajara is to enjoy a relaxing holiday experience in this stunning city, or recover in style after your treatment. Known for its jaw-dropping Old Quarter , cathedrals, and the ultimate laid-back vibe, if you are looking for a unique medical tourism experience, not many places can match Guadalajara. Come and explore this beautiful city while taking advantage of the cheapest breast implants price Guadalajara has to offer.


#3 - World-Class Clinics

This city is home to a great selection of world-class medical clinics, which operate to the same high levels you would expect back in the USA or Canada. Check out these excellent clinics for breast implants, which come highly recommended by former patients:

You will find many more listed on Medical Departures. When you are looking for a reliable clinic, Guadalajara is a great option.

#4 - Low-Cost Treatments

Most patients travel to Guadalajara for breast implants because prices are up to 60% more affordable than in the USA or Canada, which is why so many Americans, Canadians, Europeans and other patients from the West are now visiting Mexico for medical procedures. If you need an example, this is a comparison of the prices for breast implants in Guadalajara, contrasted with prices from Western countries:








Cost of Breast Implants in Western Country







Cost of Breast Implants in Guadalajara







#5 - Because You Deserve it!

Why should you pay the high prices for medical and cosmetic treatments at home when you can find a massive bargain in Mexico? You, like everyone else, deserve the best for the cheapest prices possible, so take this opportunity to find an unbeatable breast implants deal in Guadalajara.

How Do I Get Started?

When you have decided on a clinic for your breast implant, you can book an appointment directly through Medical Departures and take advantage of our Best Price Guarantee . Or, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact a member of our Customer Care Team.


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