5 reasons to consider medical tourism in Penang


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5 reasons that going for low cost medical tourism in Penang is the right choice

Whether you are looking for plastic surgeries or cosmetic treatments, Penang has a large number of medical facilities that cater to medical tourists from different parts of the globe. In fact, 50% medical tourists to Malaysia prefer Penang over other destinations in the country.

1. Penang has some amazing beaches, colonial architecture, old world charm and friendly people.

2. It has world class resorts, many of them on the beach and a number of healing and relaxing spas as well.

3. Doctors in the country have to go through a rigorous and competitive education and only then get the license to practice. Additionally, many may have done some advanced courses in western countries or have affiliations to global medical bodies. They generally speak English thanks to their colonial history.

4. Penang also has other attractions apart from the beaches. Shopping, eating and temples are only some of the attractions. Besides George Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. It is a win-win destination for you since it offers high quality medical care at inexpensive rates in state of the art facilities. If you have cosmetic treatments you can enjoy your time fully. If you have surgery, you can recuperate during your downtime in fabulous surroundings.

When you see medical tourism reviews, Penang’s attractions will be popular and prominent adding to the lure of medical tourism.


Which are the top medical centers in Penang?

Medical Departures only lists clinics in Penang that meet our high standards, are staffed by doctors whose qualifications we have checked and offer low prices as well. We also give you the best price guarantee. Among the top medical centers that meet these criteria are Gleneagles Hospital , Pantai Medical Centre , KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital and Leh Clinic .

Apart from plastic surgery procedures, you can also get a wide range of medical treatments at most of these medical facilities. Heart surgeries, hip and knee replacements, various eye surgeries and IVF are also available at a reasonable rate, particularly important if you have no medical insurance or are underinsured.

How much can you save with medical tourism cost in Penang?

Breast augmentation – in the west you would pay around AUD16,500 (NZD17,222, £9,693, €11,042, US$12,559,CAD16,447). In Penang you can pay an average price of AUD6,324 (NZD6,600, £3,716, €4,232, US$4,814, CAD6,303).

Tummy tuck – in the west you would pay around AUD13,271 (NZD13,874, £7,836, €8,858, US$10,100, CAD13,003) but in Penang the rate would be at an affordable AUD4,073 (NZD4,357, £2,456, €2,727, US$3,232 CAD4,070).

Rhinoplasty - will set you back by AUD11,098 (NZD11,869, £6,749, €7,473, US$8,800, CAD11,128) in the west, but in Penang it will cost only AUD2,646 (NZD2,829, £1,609, €1,781, US$2,098, CAD2,653).

Confirm your booking with Medical Departures for the desired procedure and take advantage of the low medical tourism cost in Penang.