5 reasons to get abdominoplasty plastic surgery in Guadalajara


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Are you having trouble look for a good place to have your abdominoplasty plastic surgery? In Guadalajara , you might finally find what you are looking for. Guadalajara is a city in Mexico with a bludgeoning tourist population—why? Well you are about to find out.

Medical Departures gladly gives you 5 reasons why Guadalajara is the best place you’re your abdominoplasty plastic surgery.

1. Save an astonishing 78%.

In Guadalajara, you’ll be able to find the most inexpensive abdominoplasty cost; Guadalajara is famous for its affordable medical care, an alternative to those medical services offered by the local clinics from your home country. You will be able to save 78% on the current average prices charged in America and Canada!


$15,509.00 VERSUS $3,450.00 Save US $12,059.00



$20,247.00 VERSUS $4,504.00 Save AUD$15,743.00



$19,669.00 VERSUS $4,375.00 Save CAN$15,294.00


2. The Medical Departures verified clinic is the best choice for your abdominoplasty plastic surgery!

Clinics, such as Dr. Guillermo Ramos Gallardo – Guadalajara are a good choice.

The clinics Medical Departures recommend for you undergo an exhaustive background research by on-site visits and quality examination. Rest assured that Dr. Guillermo Ramos Gallardo is more than qualified for your abdominoplasty and that you’ll have your ideal body in a safe and secure environment.

3. The abdominoplasty procedure is world class in Guadalajara

Medical Departures guarantees you that the abdominoplasty procedure in Guadalajara is on par with international standards for this major surgical procedure. The abdominoplasty starts of by the administration of a sedative or local anaesthetic. Once it has taken effect, an incision is made above the pubic line of the belly, in which fat and skin are excised.

When the fat has been removed, the skin is pulled down to create a flatter, tighter volume for the stomach. Incisions may be made by the navel as well to allow excision of fat by the upper abdomen. After, the incisions are closed via sutures.

4. Guadalajara’s vibrant city life to enjoy while recovering.

In Guadalajara, you will be able to find a holiday experience free of the overpopulated stress of most urban cities in Mexico. You’ll be able to find picturesque and idyllic spots, where you’ll be able to relax and recover. You can explore their numerous museums, stroll around the city and marvel at the great, culturally embedded architectures, and have a taste of the famous, delectable Mexican cuisine!

5. Use the exclusive Medical Departures Promotions!

Dr. Guillermo Ramos Gallardo – Guadalajara offers these promotions for you to avail for your abdominoplasty in Guadalajara.

  • Rememberance day 10% discount
  • US Veterans 10% discount

We hope that we’ve convinced you to have your abdominoplasty plastic surgery in Guadalajara—but now we bet it’s pretty clear that Guadalajara is a top contender for a major surgical procedure such as the abdominoplasty. So if you’ve decided, all you have to do is book your appointment with us at Medical Departures!

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