5 reasons to Get Breast Enlargement Surgery in Penang


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Breast enlargement surgery is affordable in Penang , a tourist resort situated just off the coast of Malaysia. As such it is popular with Medical Departures patients for this life-changing surgery. Below are five reasons that might help you consider Penang for a breast enlargement procedure:

#1 - Malaysia is an Inexpensive Destination

The main reason to visit Malaysia for breast enlargement is the low-cost of surgery there. Prices in Penang are approximately 60% less expensive than in the US, Australia, New Zealand, or Europe, as shown in the comparison table below:








Cost of Breast Enlargement in Penang







Cost of Breast Enlargement in the West








#2 - High-Quality Facilities

Clinics in Penang adhere to international standards. The doctors are highly-trained and the facilities are modern and full of sophisticated equipment. They are also more than happy for you to see breast enlargement before-and-after photos so you can gauge what is possible and manage expectations. Medical Departures patients highly recommend the following clinics in Penang for your breast enlargement treatments:

#3 - Penang is a Popular Holiday Destination

There is more to Penang than breast enlargement plastic surgery. Penang Island is a popular beach resort and sightseeing destination, full up with quality hotels and resorts, delicious food, and abundant nightlife.

#4 - English Speaking Destination

English is widely spoken throughout Malaysia , with one of the largest English-speaking populations in Asia. This is a direct result of the British colonization and is very useful to help with communication inside the clinic and outside in the restaurants.

#5 - You can Combine Holiday Costs

If you are planning a holiday then Malaysia might be the right destination if you combine the surgery. Your family can have a dream holiday and help take care of your post-surgery and as a family, you could save you thousands of dollars. Note: because your doctor will require you to stay out of the sun post-surgery, you will want to plan your leisure time in Malaysia prior to treatment.


Getting Started

Penang has reliable and reasonably priced clinics offering high-quality breast enlargement surgery. When you are ready to book contact the Medical Departures Customer Care Center to organize your visit.


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