5 reasons to go to Cancun for a tummy tuck


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1. Enjoy the Cancun beaches; they are a motivation on itself!

In Cancun, you will be able to find beaches with fine white sand, brilliant blue waters and a weather that is just to die for. Imagine strolling through the panoramic coastline of Cancun with your new, flat tummy—it will be a heavenly experience, we assure you. You can also relax in their luxurious yet affordable hotels and villas; you can have a taste of their delectable Mexican cuisine, or stroll city centre, enjoying the vibrant urban life Cancun has to offer.

2. Save a staggering 43% on a Tummy tuck in Cancun!

The tummy tuck procedure in Cancun is one the most affordable procedures available! With the low prices for medical care in Cancun, you will be able to save thousands of dollars on average prices for the procedure in the US, Canada and Australia. You can have your ideal body, and spend so little for it and have a memorable holiday all in one trip—what is a more cost-effective investment than that!


$8,264.00 VERSUS $4,700.00 Saving US $3,564.00



$10,780.00 VERSUS $6,131.00 Saving AUD$4,649.00



$10,474.00 VERSUS $5,960.00 Saving CAN$4,514.00


3. Use only our Medical Departures recommended clinics for a top-quality tummy tuck

Medical Departures has secured for you three clinics that are guaranteed to give you a flat and firm stomach during your holiday getaway:

These three have undergone quality and qualification checks and have all passed in flying colours. Just check any current tummy tuck review—Cancun clinics we recommend are guaranteed to give you safe and excellent procedures and that is a Medical Departures guarantee.


4. Understand fully the procedure for a tummy tuck!

Cancun clinics follow the standard procedure for the tummy tuck , or abdominoplasty procedure. The tummy tuck removes fat and sagging skin by the belly of the patient by creating a horizontal incision across the belly. From the incision, fat is removed and skin is excised to remove the excess left by the fat removal.

The navel may receive incisions as well to remove fat and excess skin on the upper abdomen. These incisions are closed up via sutures or special medical adhesive, and are administered with local anaesthetic.

5. Use the exclusive Medical Departures promotions to save more!

All three clinics offer these exclusive Medical Departures promotions to increase the savings factor for our international patients:

  • Save BIG in Cancun, Mexico with Dental Departures' Exclusive Packages
  • US Veterans 10% discount
  • Remembrance day 10% discount

You now have 5 great reasons to get your tummy tuck in Cancun! What are you waiting for? Stroll by the seaside with your new flat stomach by availing the incredibly affordable price of a tummy tuck in Cancun! So come and book with us at Medical Departures!

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