5 reasons to go to Malaysia for a tummy tuck


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With top-notch tummy tuck hospitals, Malaysia may prove to be the right choice for your tummy tuck surgery. If you have sagging skin and loose muscle tone across your abdomen, surgery will help you reclaim your flat and taut tummy. During your surgery, liposuction can be done to remove excess fat, your muscles can be tightened and the excess skin removed and even stretch marks may go away, resulting in a flat tummy once you have healed.

Here are 5 reasons to go to Malaysia for your tummy tuck surgery

When you see tummy tuck reviews, Malaysia comes up as a popular destination thanks to its affordability. If you want more reasons to have your surgery there, read on.

  • As a popular medical tourism destination, Malaysia offers good infrastructure in terms of top quality hospitals and cosmetic clinics, good connectivity, hotels to suit all budgets and public transport.

  • The doctors are highly qualified, may have international affiliations and speak English.

  • The prices of all kinds of cosmetic procedures are inexpensive and cost a fraction of what you would pay in a developed country with no compromise on quality.

  • You can choose from attractive holiday destinations like bustling Kuala Lumpur, George Town known for its colonial architecture and its food, Langkawi for its beaches, Malacca for its Chinese and Portuguese influence and for its many museums among other spots.

  • If you are planning on a sun and sea holiday, just make sure that you get all your activities in before the surgery and spend the rest of your vacation time recuperating.


Which are the recommended tummy tuck medical facilities in Malaysia?

Medical Departures lists only those clinics that have been vetted by us, manned by highly qualified doctors and offering standards treatments. We also carry genuine reviews on our site. Among the tummy tuck clinics recommended by Medical Departures are:

Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre – The clinic, located in Kuala Lumpur, is headed by Dr. Nasir who has studied in countries like Australia and the U.K. and is also a member of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) in Edinburgh .

ARC Clinic – the clinic offers all kinds of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments of different kinds. It has many branches.

Leh Clinic – this clinic, located in George Town, Penang, is headed by Dr. Louis Leh. It is known for its range of esthetic procedures.

What are the tummy tuck prices in Malaysia?

The price of a tummy tuck in Malaysia will vary and depend on the kind of tummy tuck you have as the surgical can include different parts of your abdomen. You may require liposuction as well to remove fat deposits. Tummy tuck can cost as much as US$10,100 (AUD13,271, NZD13,874, £7,836, €8,858, CAD13,003) in an advanced country. In Malaysia you would pay an average of US$3,232 (AUD4,073, NZD4,357, £2,456, €2,727, CAD4,070), making it very affordable.

Book with Medical Departures at the clinic of your choice after going through tummy tuck reviews in Malaysia and get rid of your paunch and sagging skin.