5 things you should know before you get Botox in Pattaya


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With Botox available seemingly everywhere these days it’s hard to remember that it is a medical procedure rather than a beauty treatment – and such be treated as such. Here’s what you should know:

1: Where to get Botox?

Who can legally administer Botox is not regulated in the same way across the world. Some countries insist the treatment can only be carried out by doctors who have requisite training and qualifications. The United States laws vary from state-to-state, but dentists and nurses are allowed in some states, but perhaps surprisingly is that in the UK there is no law governing the administration of Botox, which means, rather worryingly, that beauticians without any training or qualifications can set themselves up as Botox practitioners.

In Thailand, you should visit a clinic that has qualified doctors for the administration of your Botox. In Pattaya, we recommend:

Apex Profound Beauty Clinic Pattaya

Nicha Clinic

V Plast Clinic (Pattaya)

All these clients have a good reputation with international clientele, but, importantly, have teams of skilled, qualified and experienced doctors on board.


2: What are the side-effects from Botox?

The discomfort is fleeting and most after-effects resolve reasonably quickly. You will have redness around the injection site for a few hours – maybe into the next day; slight swelling (which probably only you will notice) and maybe some bruising. All should clear within days but you can wear make-up if you need to disguise any of these effects.

Unwanted side-effects, which are typically caused by injecting the product incorrectly, can include muscles being impacted that weren’t intentional as the Botox has spread too far. This may, in some circumstances, lead to a droopy eyelid.

3: How long does the effect of Botox last?

This depends on each individual, but it should be 3-6 months. You can have top-ups 14 days after the initial injection if it hasn’t done what you needed and once the effects start wearing off some months down the line. The effects of Botox tend to be cumulative so you may find your second injection will last longer than the first.

4: How much does Botox cost in Pattaya compared to back home?

The cost is roughly half the price. Compare the prices of treatment to the frown lines between the eyebrows below:

Glabella Area (25 units)


NZ $

UK £


US $


Botox Price – Home







Botox Price – Pattaya







5: When should I see the results of Botox treatment?

Some people notice a difference almost immediately with certain lines or wrinkles ironed out. Usually, it takes a few days before the results are noticeable, and up to 2 weeks’ before the full effects have developed.

If you need to know anything else about Botox in Pattaya, then do contact our Customer Care Team, or else you can book an appointment online with any of our clinics in complete confidence.

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