5 ways to find a reliable rhinoplasty surgeon in Chiang Mai


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When thinking of going on a vacation, you might want to consider your choices in South East Asia, where you’ll find the best rhinoplasty hospitals. Chiang Mai , Thailand, houses some of the most affordable medical care in the entire world — a perfect chance for you to treat yourself during a holiday vacation. The rhinoplasty procedure there will prove wonders on your aesthetic. But how exactly can you avail the affordable and high-quality rhinoplasty procedure in Chiang Mai? Well, best follow out brief guide for Chiang Mai’s rhinoplasty procedure to ensure you get the best and only the best of their medical care!

  1. Be aware of the prices of rhinoplasty in Chiang Mai

Don’t worry — you won’t be emptying your entire savings just for a rhinoplasty on your holiday. There you’ll only spend a mere quarter of the prices you’d find at home. It really is the best deal when going out of town, since medical care is much more affordable in Thailand than at our home countries.


























  1. Have your rhinoplasty procedure only with Medical Departures verified clinics

There are three clinics in Chiang Mai which exemplify outstanding records of medical service for rhinoplasty. With their highly-rated rhinoplasty review, Chiang Mai clinics that are Medical Departures verified are more than verified to do your medical service of choice.

Each clinic are proven and tested by our very own Medical Departures team. Appropriate hygiene practices, updated equipment, facilities, and security are priorities to which these three clinics excel.

Medical Departures promotions offered are No Worries Warranty and New Year special Promotion at both Machita clinic and DIAA Aesthetic Clinic

  1. Research reputable doctors and clinics thoroughly through the Medical Departures database

In our Medical Departures database, you’ll have unlimited access to need-to-know information about the clinics in Chiang Mai as well as their doctors and staff, procedure costs, and even hotel accommodations! To be sure, take a glimpse on our clinics’ pages to know the extent of your doctors’ capabilities and a few things that can help you out in your search!

  1. Visit each Medical Departures recommended clinic to find out which you feel is best for you

It’s important that during an important procedure such as the rhinoplasty, you feel as safe and comfortable as you can. Make it a point to enjoy everything in Chiang Mai, while you are there; see the beautiful wats —Buddhist temples that are scattered all over the place, namely Wat Phra That Doi Suthep or Wat Chedi Luang, each majestic in their architecture and aesthetic. Thailand is a wonderful place for such wonders, so remember to enjoy it as much as you can.

  1. Know what entails the rhinoplasty procedure.

A rhinoplasty is a cosmetic, surgical enhancement that reconstructs the form of the nose. It fixes the shape, size or angle of the nose, to enhance facial aesthetic. It also corrects certain nasal malformations. The procedure involves incisions inside or outside the nostrils, and repositioning of skin, cartilage and tissue to reform the nose.

Now you have an idea what of the best rhinoplasty hospitals Chiang Mai offers would be best for you — all you have to do now is decide. So, come and book with us at Medical Departures!

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