6 Reliable and Trusted Facelift Surgeons Penang, Malaysia


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When it comes to medical and cosmetic surgery, it really is all about trust and reliability. Nobody wants a rank amateur scalping away at our body. At Medical Departures, we talk at great lengths about cosmetic clinics in Penang, Malaysia and other places in SE-Asia, but we hardly ever focus on the actual facelift surgeons. Penang has some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world, so here are 6 of the best at Ido’s Clinic for you to consider.

Dr Lucas LC Chia

Dr Lucas LC Chia is one of the most skilled and reliable facelift surgeons Penang has to offer and is known for his expertise in facelifts and body lifts. He speaks English and Malay and is very popular with international clientele that visit Penang for a facelift. Dr. Lucas is ranked in number-1 place by his former patients, which is a very good sign.

Dr Joslyn JW Luo

If you are looking for a popular facelift surgeon in Penang, no-one is more competent than Dr Joslyn JW Luo. As a Doctor of Medicine with a bachelor in Dental Surgery and a diploma in Aesthetics, she is one of the most experience and knowledgeable doctors in not only Penang, but in Malaysia. Dr. Joslyn really does go all out to help her patients have a better life, which is why she is so popular and revered for her work.


Dr Matthew Kok

Dr Matthew Kok is one of the best facelift surgeons Penang has to offer and also speaks both Malay and English. He is very popular with international clients from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe and America. He has a diploma in Dermatology and also one in Aesthetics, making him one of the most skilled docs in the city.

Dr Nicholas Tan

If you are seeking one of the friendliest and most qualified surgeons in Penang, Dr Nicholas Tan is your man. An expert in aesthetic medicine and a real whiz kid with facelift procedures, this skilled doctor appeals to a wide range of patients, especially speaking both Malaysian and English.

Dr KY Gan

Dr KY Gan is widely accepted as one of the most skilled facelift surgeons Penang has. With a doctorate in Dermatology. When it comes to facelifts, peels and Botox treatments, this is where many international patients feel the safest. He is known as a real magician with facelift procedures, so make sure you take advantage of this skilled surgeon.

Dr Cheryl Chan

Dr Cheryl Chan is a skilled surgeon that has a certificated in Aesthetic Medicine and always likes to work with other doctors to ensure you not only get what you require, but to also improve your life as well.

As you can see, the city has some amazing facelift surgeons. Penang is rapidly becoming the perfect place to enjoy a facelift treatment, and with surgeons of this quality, it is no doubt that the island will continue to grow from strength to strength and cement its footing in the medical tourism industry.