7 Reasons to Consider Cebu, Philippines for your Breast Reduction


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Cebu, Philippines is emerging as a leading medical tourism destination in the region, attracting patients from across the world. People from Australia and New Zealand in particular consider Cebu a convenient destination for affordable cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments, including breast reduction. The breast reduction clinics in Cebu are renowned for adhering to a high standard of quality and care, while at the same time offering the treatment at a price that is significantly less than what you spend back home.

However, you might wonder if you should travel abroad for a breast reduction. Before and after pictures Cebu’s clinics post on Medical Departures give you a clear idea on the results of the procedure on your boobs. The large number of breast reduction clinics in Cebu means that finding one that suits your needs will not be a challenge, but this is where we can help.

Let us look at seven reasons why you should consider Cebu for your breast reduction in the Philippines:

Terrific Savings

The biggest reason you should consider Cebu for breast reduction is the funds you can enjoy. The average cost of the treatment in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $18,000 / NZD $19,630, whereas in Cebu you can get the procedure for AUD $4,662 / NZD $5,084. This means you save over 70% on the charge for the treatment.


Affordable Accommodation

Cebu provides a host of affordable lodging options for travellers from around the world. You can find a place to stay according to your budget, which helps keep the cost of your trip under control.

Attractive Location

Cebu is a popular place for tourists who head to the Philippines for a holiday. You can explore the beaches or even go scuba diving. Casinos and other entertainment options are easily available.

Dedicated Surgeons

The doctors and surgeons operating in Cebu are highly experienced and qualified. A majority of them receives their training and education abroad and are certified and licensed with international organizations.

Remarkable Technology

A majority of the cosmetic surgery facilities in Cebu are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment. The surgeons use the latest tools and devices to perform complex procedures.

Timely Treatment

As an international patient, you will receive priority treatment at the breast reduction clinics in Cebu. The most popular clinics in the city cater mainly to patients from abroad. Therefore, you will not deal with long queues or waiting times if you head to a renowned clinic, such as

Wonderful Vacation

Given that you are saving thousands of dollars on the surgery, it makes sense to take pleasure in a short vacation in Cebu while you recover.

Consequently, these are the seven top reasons why Cebu is the ideal medical tourism destination for patients seeking affordable breast reduction. Feel free to learn more about the breast reduction clinics in Cebu on Medical Departures and see which one best suits your needs.