7 Reasons to Get Your Breast Reduction in Manila


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If you think your breasts are too large and want to surgically reduce them, stop worrying about the costs involved. For an affordable breast reduction procedure, Manila clinics could be your top destination in Asia, especially for those who reside in Australia and New Zealand. The major advantage is affordability, but there is a host of benefits to get your breast reduction procedure in Manila. Here are seven such reasons.

#1 Save Money

The average cost of breast reduction in the countries mentioned above is AUD $18,000 and NZD $19,900. Conversely, you can get the same procedure in Manila for as low as AUD $5,400 and NZD $5,970. This is 70% cheaper than prices in your country.

#2 Get the Best Quality Implants

Just because the procedure is cheap does not mean it is low quality. Essentially, prices are lower because in the Philippines the cost of living is less when compared to countries like Australia. Top hospitals such as Kosmed Anti Aging Aesthetic Clinic , Apple Peel Facial Care Spa , YSA Skin Body Experts are state-of-the-art facilities which are at par with the best clinics in the world.

#3 Top Surgical Expertise

Some of the surgeons in the hospitals listed above have received their education in international institutions. Hence, they have an international exposure and are well-versed in all the latest procedures and treatments. You will receive the best quality of surgery at possibly the lowest prices. One of the ways to determine the expertise is looking at breast reduction before and after pictures. Manila has no shortage of brilliant surgeons.


#4 A Reliable Medical Infrastructure

It is a myth that Manila has a deprived medical infrastructure. On the contrary, local hospitals offer high-quality yet cost-effective healthcare services to both local and international patients.

#5 Medical Tourism is an Established Industry in the Philippines

For many decades Manila has been receiving medical tourists from all over the world, even though it is just beginning to receive the limelight. The leading hospitals are JCI accredited and ISO certified, which is no small feat. Nevertheless, do your research before selecting a hospital. You can also ask for breast reduction before and after pictures. Manila has no dearth of quality surgical clinics, so you have a lot of options.

#6 Great Hospitality

While it does not mean that the Philippines are the only medical tourism destination out there, it has several distinctive features. For one, the surgeons as well as hospital staff members are fluent in English. More than that, they are welcoming and courteous without being unprofessional. You will appreciate the care and attention these doctors give to their patients, especially ones visiting from overseas to get treatments in Manila.

#7 Easy Access

Finally, medical tourists can easily get appointments at clinics in Manila. In most developed countries, the waiting period for elective procedures like breast reduction can be excessively long. But in Manila, it is an in and out affair.

These are some of the best reasons why you can consider staying in this city for your breast reduction procedure. Manila will not disappoint you!

David De Los Santos

David De Los Santos has a master's degree in Psychology in Organizational Development and is currently writing for both Dental and Medical Departures.
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