A Guide to the Cost of a Butt Lift in Manila


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You have the option to augment the shape of your butt by opting for a butt lift. However, the cost of the procedure in Australia and New Zealand is prohibitive. The average price of the procedure is AUD $19,000 (NZD $20,843), which is a significant sum of money to spend on an elective procedure. That said, the cost of butt lift in Manila , the Philippines is significantly lower.

Over the years, the option of medical tourism has become viable for people living in Australia and New Zealand. In fact, people from other parts of the world also travel to the heart of Asia for cosmetic procedures. The main reason for this is the low cost of the procedures. The cost of butt lift in Manila is around just AUD $4,000 (NZD $4,400). The great thing is that even the leading clinics in Manila stick to the average price, because of the high competition. No clinic in the city can afford to raise its price beyond a certain level.

So, exactly how low is the cost of butt lift in Manila? In the Philippines, you will find a number of world-class cosmetic clinics where you can opt for different procedures, ranging from a face lift to a butt lift. The quality of the treatment is on par with the leading clinics Down Under, which means you don’t have to compromise on your health. Here is an overview of the price of butt lift at the top clinics in Manila:


As you can see, the cost of the procedure is around 20% of the amount you would end up spending in Australia and New Zealand. But, how do you choose a clinic?

Find Reliable Information Online – Medical Departures...

You can easily find online reviews for the clinics that offer butt lift in Manila. Medical Departures is a convenient one-stop portal where you can find detailed information about the best clinics in Manila. The best part is that you can find butt lift before and after images, which gives you a visual depiction of the impact of the procedure. You can check the results past patients managed to achieve via the treatment. This helps you set realistic expectations when you check out butt lift before and after images.

Enjoy a Mini, Memorable Vacation

This is a bonus tip that you will love: enjoy a vacation in Manila when you fly down there for a butt lift. The low cost of the procedure means that you have enough money to cover the cost of a vacation. You can check out the best of what Manila has to offer for tourists during the time you are recovering from the procedure.

So, the bottom-line is that the cost of a butt lift in Manila is low enough for you to definitely consider flying there for the procedure.

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