If you’re looking for a reliable Botox review in Penang, you’ve found it. Granted, it isn’t worth it to travel to Malaysia just for Botox, but it’s a terrific idea to get Botox while you are in Malaysia for some other purpose, whether it’s just a business trip, a holiday or there for another medical procedure.

Importance of Reviews

Let’s start this review by stating the importance of clinic reviews. Medical Departures has numerous reviews of the best clinics across the world. Medical tourists need reliable information in order to select the right clinic in a foreign country. Without the right guidance you can end up in the wrong place.

Having said that, since you’re here, you’re on the right track to find reliable Botox clinics in Penang. Reviews provide the guidance you need. Check out reviews of clinics in Penang that offer Botox. To simplify things for you, here are three of the best places to visit for Botox:

By reading reviews you can see what people are saying about these clinics. Before and after photos are also provided for most clinics. These are instrumental in judging the quality of a clinic and setting realistic expectations for your own treatment.

All clinics on Medical Departures are verified by a thorough process that involves extensive research and background checks. You can just consume the information provided and quickly make the right decision.

Peaceful, Beautiful and Affordable

A peaceful and beautiful city, Penang is a popular medical tourism resort. It attracts a growing number of people from Australia and New Zealand who’re looking for affordable alternatives to their pricey local clinics.

Many of these people include Botox in their medical holiday plan to make the most of their trip. You can do the same. It’s an amazing opportunity to enjoy a holiday, get world-class medical services and save money.

Botox Cost in Penang

So how much can you expect to save on Botox in Penang? Here are some cost comparisons of popular Botox treatments:

Cost of Botox per unit in Australia: AUD $20
Cost of Botox per unit in New Zealand: NZD $11
Cost of Botox per unit in Penang: AUD $10, NZD $11

Cost of Forehead Treatment in Australia: AUD $300
Cost of Forehead Treatment in New Zealand: NZD $320
Cost of Forehead Treatment in Penang: AUD $150, NZD $160

Cost of Crows Feet Treatment in Australia: AUD $250
Cost of Crows Feet Treatment in New Zealand: NZD $260
Cost of Crows Feet Treatment in Penang: AUD $125, NZD $130

The best part is that the low prices are not the result of sub-standard services. Factors such as lower operating costs, lower living expenses and healthy competition among the clinics keep the prices low without compromising quality.

The top clinics in Penang know very well they need to maintain high standards for attracting a steady stream of patients from countries such as Australia and New Zealand. So feel free to approach the clinics mentioned here and see which one best suits your Botox needs the best. Hopefully this Botox review in Penang was helpful.