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In the world of plastic surgery, selecting the right clinic is critical for the success of your procedure. One of Medical Departures’ top clinics is the Sib Clinic Bangna. Reviews from our patients indicate that procedures such as breast augmentation are offered there at excellent prices, and patients end up with equally great results.

Services and Procedures at the Sib Clinic Bangna

The Sib Clinic Bangna offers a wide variety of cosmetic services, both surgical and non-surgical. Surgical services include body lift, breast surgery (reduction, augmentation, lift and nipple correction), butt lift, face surgery (facelift, chin surgery, nose implants, etc.) and tummy tucks; while non-surgical services include dermal fillers, bleaching, mesotherapy, laser therapy, liposuction and hair transplant. They also offer vaginal rejuvenation procedures.

Why choose Sib Clinic?

Sib Clinic is centrally located in the thriving Bangna district of Bangkok, which has seen rapid growth in recent years. With one of Asia’s largest shopping Malls at Seacon Square, hotels, restaurants and its proximity to the airport, Bangna is a great place to stay if you’re visiting Bangkok.

Like all Medical Departures’ clinics, we have performed extensive background checks, including doctor qualifications and professional memberships. You can check out our listing for Sib Clinic - before and after surgery photos, patient testimonials, prices and much more are all available for you to browse for free. So, have a look at a Sib Clinic review, or two, and use the information to help you make an informed decision on whether the clinic is right for you.

Cosmetic Surgery Prices at Sib Clinic Bangna

Medical Departures patients who go the Sib Clinic Bangna have been able to save at least 50% on their breast augmentation. For boob jobs, Sib clinic cost starts at AUD 2,994 (NZD 3,213; USD 2,259; CAD 3,049; EUR 2,106; GBP 1,764) which is 4-5 times cheaper than the prices in Australia and New Zealand. AUD 15,680 (NZD 16,623; USD 11,829; CAD 15,966; EUR 11,029; GBP 9,236).

One of the reasons why the Sib Clinic offers such low rates for breast augmentation is the fact that administrative costs and labor costs (salaries for doctors, surgeons, nurses and surgical staff) are considerably lower in Thailand compared to other countries.


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