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Finding alternatives to the high prices for cosmetic treatments in America is much easier than it was just a few years back. These days if you are an American l ooking for affordable eyelid surgery , you have many alternatives close by. For example, Cancun and other Mexican medical tourism destinations are dramatically cheaper than back home, so let us give you a rundown on why Mexico is a safe, affordable medical tourism destination and how you can find reliable clinics in Cancun.

Visiting Mexico for Treatments

Most Americans are extremely patriotic people. However, just because you are loyal to your country doesn’t mean you have to pay extortionate prices for all manner of medical and cosmetic treatments, including eyelid surgery. Nowadays, everyone has the ability to search for bargains online, so when you are looking for affordable eye surgery, you should look past options at home towards Cancun in Mexico.

The price of eyelid surgery clinics in Mexico is dramatically cheaper than in America. The Mexican medical tourism industry has been going from strength to strength over the past few years, and is now is seen as a premier location for all cosmetic treatments for those who want to make big savings.

Visiting Cancun for a Holiday

The best part about visiting a destination like Cancun for your eye surgery treatments is that you not only get the choice of top-quality hospitals for eyelid surgery in Cancun , but can also enjoy a true holiday experience. Cancun has some of the nicest beaches in Mexico and is known for its perpetual holiday atmosphere. With lots of bars, restaurants, shopping options and much more, visiting Cancun for a standard holiday is an amazing experience, but when you could that together with the affordable cosmetic treatments, it reaches the next level.


As you are looking to secure not only the best value for money prices but also the most reliable clinics for eye surgery, Cancun has a trustworthy selection of clinics. And if you are looking to find the most reliable eyelid surgery reviews for Cancun, let us point you towards the most visited clinics in the region. If you want an experience that merges quality and affordability, we recommended that you visit the stunning Luz del Carmen Lopez , the excellent Sculpting Medicina Estetica or the experienced and revered Dr Nain Maldonado .

How Much is Eyelid Surgery in Cancun?

The cost of eyelid surgery is over 65% less expensive than in the US or Canada, which will more than cover the cost of your flights and accommodation. Here is a comparison table of the prices for eyelid surgery in Mexico compared to prices in Western nations around the world:








Cost of Eyelid Surgery in Western Country







Cost of Eyelid Surgery in Cancun







Getting Started

When you are ready to secure the cheapest price for Eyelid Surgery Cancun clinics have to offer, please take your time to view our recommended clinics to find a bargain. Once you wish to book, or if you have more questions, contact the Medical Departures Customer Care team to find out more.


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