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You can save a considerable sum of money on a range of treatments by heading to Tijuana. You have to browse through a list of clinics in order to choose one, but you can avoid considerable hassle by heading to Ricardo Vega Montiel. The clinic was founded around two decades back, making it among the most established and reputable clinics in Mexico.

At Ricadro Vega Montiel, price for different types of plastic surgery is low. You can reduce your medical bill considerably by flying to Tijuana for eyelid surgery or even breast augmentation . There is a significant difference in price. For example, the average cost of eyelid surgery in the US and Canada is USD $6,318 (CAD $7,884), while at Ricardo Vega Montiel, price for the procedure is around USD $1,400 (CAD $1,747). Moreover, when it comes to breast augmentation, the average cost in the US and Canada is USD $11,829 (CAD $14,760), whereas at Ricardo Vega Montiel, you have to pay just USD $3,200 (CAD $3,993).

To put it simply, affordable plastic surgery is available just across the border. You only have to take a short flight to be able to save over 60% on the cost of different cosmetic procedures. But, how do you ensure your peace of mind when deciding to travel to Tijuana? Here are some tips you can follow:


Check Medical Departures

The Medical Departures website offers you a comprehensive overview of Ricardo Vega Montiel. You can get an idea of the range of treatments they offer and the price at which each treatment is available. You can also check out online reviews for Ricardo Vega Montiel. Review the feedback their past patients have left to get a clear idea of the quality of treatments you can receive at Ricardo Vega Montiel. Before and after images are also available for different procedures, giving you a clear idea of the impact of each treatment.

Opt for Multiple Treatments

As you consider Ricardo Vega Montiel, review the list of treatments on offer. Given the low cost, you can opt for multiple treatments on a single trip. This means you can improve your appearance with minimally invasive procedures. The highly qualified medical staff at the clinic will perform each treatment in a safe and effective manner.

Hopefully, all the information provided here is sufficient to give you an overview of the clinic and the facilities it offers. You can rest assured that the clinic uses innovative and state-of-the-art technology to provide high-quality cosmetic treatments, at a standard that is comparable to the top clinics in the US and Canada. So, if you are looking for affordable cosmetic treatments, head to Ricardo Vega Montiel.