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A lot of people form the US and Canada get the low-cost, high-quality anti-aging treatments San Jose has to offer. Many of them frequent San Jose, while others combine the anti-aging procedure with other more expensive treatments. The bottom line is that they utilize their time in San Jose, Costa Rica by getting some quick skin treatments that turns back the clock on their face.

Botox at Pablo Solis

A specialist in plastic surgery, Dr. Pablo Solis offers excellent cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. These include the best anti-aging treatments in San Jose. He works with a highly skilled, specialist team at the Catholic Hospital and the CIMA Hospital. These are two of Costa Rica’s most renowned facilities.

You can approach Dr. Solis for a range of anti-aging treatments in San Jose including Botox, dermal fillers and wrinkle treatments. These are quick treatments that you can opt for the next time you’re visiting San Jose, Costa Rica.

This is the perfect place to get high quality ant-aging treatment for a lot less. For instance, a Botox treatment that can cost you USD $800 / CAD $1,000 will only be USD $151 / CAD $193 here.

Let’s look at the price comparison for two more popular anti-aging skin treatments that you can get in San Jose, Costa Rica:

Dermal Fillers

Excellent for smoothening lines and wrinkles on your face, the fillers are administered via injections. They work by stimulating collagen growth in the face and also replacing lost collagen.

Here are the average prices for dermal filler per area:

Price in the US: USD $1,000

Price in Canada: CAD $1,277

Price in Costa Rica: USD $480 / CAD $613

Chemical Peel

This is actually a controlled way to affect the outermost layer of your skin. As the treatment is completed, the top layer is removed, revealing the younger, unblemished skin underneath.

On average a chemical peel in the US will cost you around USD $720 /

CAD $919. In Costa Rica, you will have to pay only a fraction of that amount.

Find the Best Clinic

Many people who want an effective and cost-effective anti-aging treatment review San Jose’s top clinics. You can find the best ones right here on Medical Departures. Our team executes a strict screening process to make sure only the best clinics are added to our listing. We conduct our own background checks, which includes onsite visits and verifying the qualifications and association memberships of clinic’s staff.

Moreover, we collect authentic patient reviews and post them on our website. The end result is that you get easy access to the finest clinics in San Jose (among other locations) for anti-aging skin treatments.

So thanks to Medical Departures, finding high-quality anti-aging treatments in San Jose is quite straight forward. You can read reliable clinic descriptions, look at photos (including before & after images), read authentic reviews from previous patients and compare prices in your local currency. All this helps you make the most of the anti-aging treatments in San Jose has to offer.


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