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Bigger does not necessarily mean better. In terms of breast size, some people may envy women that have larger breasts but what they do not know is the discomfort that larger breasts bring to the person. However, some male patients also undergo this procedure when there is a drastic change from weight loss.

Why should you go to Tijuana?

Tijuana is one of Mexico’s border cities that are located south of California. International patients have been coming in and out of the city because of the great landmarks that you can find in the area but most of the time it is because of the inexpensive medical treatments that they can get during their stay. The medical facilities in the area are on par with the medical facilities that you can find in other countries.

What is a breast reduction?

Breast reductions are reconstructive in nature but some would choose to have them for aesthetic purposes as well. No matter the reason, the purpose of a breast reduction is to alleviate any discomfort the patients have been experiencing. This is also good if patients would like to improve the shape of their breasts if they are unhappy about it. Remember that this type of surgery will require patients to do changes their lifestyle and achieve a certain weight goal in order to avoid any complications to arise.


Would it look good on you?

Here at Medical Departures, we always aim to help you make well-informed decisions. That is why we have compiled some breast reduction, before and after, photos. Tijuana has clinics that you can completely trust to give you the results you have always wanted.

Recommended breast reduction clinics in Tijuana

  1. Ricardo Vega Montiel takes pride in providing corrective plastic surgeries that look as natural as the rest of the body. Dr. Vega is one of Mexico’s celebrated plastic surgeons that deliver affordable non-surgical and surgical treatments.

  2. Advanched Health Medical Center is located 5 minutes away from the US-Mexico border with 24-hours security. Not only are you going to feel safe, they will also make sure that your health, wellness and comfort are all taken care of.

  3. Cammel Plastic Surgery is another expert at providing aesthetic and cosmetic surgery located in Tijuana, Mexico. They always aim to exceed the patient’s expectations and guarantees that you leave the clinic feeling satisfied.

How affordable is a breast reduction in Tijuana?

This is the average breast reduction cost in Tijuana


























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