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What would you risk for a hairless, smooth skin? Imagine no facial hair, or waking up in the morning without the prickles of newly grown hair on your legs? Well, whatever area you want hairless, laser hair removal can help you achieve your desires.

Hair removal in South Korea is affordable and yet promises high-quality services and treatments, same as you would get from any other high-quality country — better, even!

What’s with Korea?

South Korea is a quiet, lovely country, rich with their historical culture left untouched by Western influences — yet at the same time, it is a pinnacle of modernity, its urbanities teeming with sophisticated structures and technology. South Korea will not only be able to provide you a vacation of your lifetime, but great medical care with only the best and highest-quality, state-of-the-art technologies available.

How Exactly Does Hair Removal Work?

Hair removal is done using laser hair removal; a method of hair removal in which a laser is utilized and targets hair follicles in the skin, destroying the melanin content while leaving any other part of the skin unharmed.

In this procedure, the practitioner will initially examine the targeted area to make certain there will be no adverse reactions to the patient when exposed to the laser. The hair is trimmed to millimetres for better light beam penetration, and better effect.

The practitioner will provide goggles for your eyes to shield it from the laser beam. When everything is perfect and complies with the standards of the practitioner, the treatment will commence. The treatment causes no pain, albeit it does provide a slight discomfort.


How Much Does Hair Removal Cost in South Korea?

In the table below, you will be able to see the average hair removal price. South Korea makes this an affordable option to consider.






















Medical Departures recommended the following 3 verified clinics:

  1. Grace Skin & Stem Cell provide their patients with specialized non-invasive cosmetic procedures for the face and body. Grace Skin & Stem Cell is constantly updated with the latest modern technology in cosmetic enhancement to make sure their service is no less than the best.

  1. Hershe Plastic Surgery is equipped with high-quality, state-of-the-art technologies, and staffed with the best cosmetic medical professionals in South Korea. Hershe Plastic Surgery offers aesthetic surgical enhancements as well as minimal invasive procedures such as Botox and laser hair removal.

  1. Sinsoe Womans Clinic prides itself with services prioritizing your well-care, aesthetic preferences and of course, your discretion. Sinsoe Womans Clinic not only provides you with high-quality services, but also provides an environment in which patients can relax and feel safe.

Now, you can say you know the facts, but more importantly, you know what you stand to gain! The hair removal cost in South Korea will give you ample savings allowing you to enjoy a recovery vacation. So go and book now through Medical Departures!

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