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Considered removing loose and saggy skin? Looking for a smooth, sculpted appearance around your stomach? Save 50% on tummy tuck procedures in Mexicali with Medical Departures.


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Why Choose Mexicali for a Tummy Tuck?


Mexicali is a favored destination for many American and Canadian patients thanks to its convenient border-proximity, cost-effective rates and quality medical facilities.


This hospitality and tourism hub is accessible via General Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada International Airport and is serviced by local airlines. Furthermore, Mexicali a mere two and a half hour drive from Tijuana International Airport and downtown San Diego.


Increasingly becoming a popular medical tourism destination, the best facilities in Mexicali are comparable with top-quality clinics in the US and Canada. Highly-skilled doctors and plastic surgeons often share their skills with clinics and hospitals in the US, and many are US board-certified.


Clinics in Mexicali—Overview


You are in safe hands with Medical Departures. All our clinics have undergone rigorous background checks for stringent hygiene and quality care standards. Furthermore, doctors have certifications or board memberships from American or International organizations , whilst the top hospitals adhere to US standards and benchmarks set out by the government (General Health Council).


We undertake in-depth investigations from doctor qualifications and accreditations to continuing education and training and even verified. We leave no stone unturned in assisting our patients obtain a truly first-class medical experience. Browse clinic tours, view maps, high-res images or read our excellent tummy tuck review Mexicali results.


Notable clinics in Mexicali with abdominoplasty (tummy tucks) as a specialty include Hospital Hispano Americano , Maurice Aceves and Hospital de la Familia .


What is the Cost of a Tummy Tuck in Mexicali


Since cosmetic surgery is not covered by most health plans, the out-of-pocket costs can be prohibitive. You can save up to 50% on a tummy tuck procedure in Mexicali compared to prices in the US and Canada:

  • Tummy tuck in the US: $10,100

  • Average cost in Mexicali: $5,100


Why Mexicali?


Located in Baja California, Mexicali is accessible for many overseas patients: three to five hours by air from major North American cities. Quality, price and convenience are the main factors why American and Canadian patients flock to Mexicali for an inexpensive cosmetic treatment.


Boasting a host of museums, historical attractions, parks and casinos, it is also home to countless shopping malls, museums and churches. If you plan to take a break prior to your procedure, head to the Hardy River for fishing and kayaking, explore the beaches of San Felipe or discover ancient rock carvings in Vallecitos.


Sports-enthusiasts can enjoy basketball matches at Estadios Casa Geo, or stroll the fairways of the 18-hole Club de Golf Campastre. Dance the night away at Plaza Mariachi with several Mariachi bands performing live music or visit Mexicali’s stylish boutiques stores and flea markets.


With the largest ethnic Chinese community in Mexico, patients can savor a diverse nightlife and an array of mouth-watering local restaurants .


Staying in Mexicali


Mexicali has numerous hotels and other accommodation options at various price points ranging from luxury to budget. Several branded hotels including Marriott and the Holiday Inn feature with many suited for families and business travellers.


For a quick visit, it is best to stay closer to the airport. If you want to check out Mexicali and the surrounding areas, stay closer to the city center.


How Do I Book?

Book your tummy tuck in Mexicali via Medical Departures

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See below for ways to book your appointment. For any questions, please contact our dedicated Customer Care Team who will be happy to assist about cosmetic and aesthetic surgery in Mexicali.

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