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A body lift is a treatment that is meant for toning and improving the shape of the tissues supporting the skin and fat. A sagging skin is a result of losing an excessive amount of weight which is common in clinically overweight people. Body lift ensures that any dimpled or regular skin is taken care of. Besides excessive weight loss, genetic factor, aging, pregnancy and sun damage can contribute to loss of skin elasticity too. You can overcome this with the help of a body lift surgeon. Thailand has the best surgeons in this field.

Main areas where body lift is done

  • Buttocks.
  • Abdominal region- it might be localized or extend all through the sides into the small of the back.
  • Thighs- this may be the thigh's circumference, inner, posterior or outer thigh regions.

A body lift is not the ideal procedure for removal of excess fat though. Liposuction can achieve this in patients who are overweight but have a good skin tone. However, if the skin cannot conform to the new contours naturally the following liposuction, it is advisable to undergo the procedures.

Dr. Daring Moungthai


Dr. Darin Moungthai is a board certified reconstructive and plastic surgeon at the Sib Clinic who has a solid reputation in this field. She graduated with a doctor in medicine from Chulalongkorn University in 20012 and went ahead to study a diploma in clinical science at the Prince of Songkla University graduating in 20003.

She is a board certified surgeon in general surgery (from Prince of Songkla university in 2007). Dr, Darin's specialties include:

  • Breast augmentation (with implant) and breast reconstruction
  • Craniofacial surgery
  • Facelifts and facial contouring.
  • Aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Darin receives a lot of bookings due to the expertise she has demonstrated throughout the years. However, there is not even an ounce of pride which is common with doctor's who gain fame due to excellence in their work. She is down to earth and you will not be rushed when you are consulting with her no matter the number of clients waiting.

Dr. Darin's schedule is handled by professionals who ensure that everyone gets a chance and double bookings or late cancellations are not done. You should not be afraid to book with Dr. Darin just because his client base is high.

You will be able to get postoperative care if need be to post the procedure if you have not made other arrangements. All you need to do is inform the doctor during the consultation phase so that the plans can be made in good time.

Medical Departures does not endorse people who have not achieved the minimum requirements to operate in their fields of specialty. So, don’t just book without knowing about the reliability of your clinic and surgeon – book your body lift in a Thai clinic that has been verified.

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Answers To Key Questions About Body Lift Surgery In Thailand

Answers To Key Questions About Body Lift Surgery In Thailand

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