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Botox is a cosmetic procedure that relaxes facial muscles temporarily to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also prevents the formation of new lines. The areas which are commonly injected are the eyebrows, forehead, eye corners as well as the chin. This procedure is also useful in managing psoriasis, excessive sweating, and migraines. If you’re considering an anti-aging treatment on holiday, like Botox, Issara Clinic , Samui is a good bed.

How much do I have to pay for Botox?

The cost of Botox depends on the amount that has to be injected. It is measured in terms of units. The number of Botox units needed differs from one individual to the others depending on how active the muscles are. The price of one unit is about 250 bahts, or AUD $9, US $7, UK £6; Euro €6 compared to regional prices of around AUD $12, US $9, UK £7, Euro £7. It takes an average of, say 15 units to do the forehead, so you can save a reasonable amount, particularly if you have several areas treated.

How long will Botox effects last?

The results will last for approximately six months. However, they can last for more than this depending, particularly if you have top-ups. However, there is now what is termed as preventive Botox which is meant for teenagers. Starting Botox treatments early means slowing the aging process by a great percentage. When people who have been getting routine Botox injection from a young age get to their 40s or 50s, the treatments will be very effective because they do not age as fast as those who do not receive Botox. Review of the treatment by previous clients has confirmed these findings.

Issara clinic offers free consultations for all the clients to discuss their needs and preferences. During this sessions, all the issues which have a direct effect on the outcome of the treatment will be handled. Also, you will get a chance to ask any questions which might be bothering you.

Because the people who handle the consultations are professionals who have done such procedures for a long time, you will get the most honest and reliable answers. It is easy to make a decision when you have all the facts at hand instead of relying on hearsay. Besides this, there will be Botox before and after pictures to help you get an idea of what actually happens. Also, eliminating anxiety is one of the best ways to speed up the recovery process. The only thing anxiety will do to you is increase your worry which in turn give rise to more wrinkle and fine lines on the face.

The medical practitioners working here are licensed by the relevant medical board. This means they are required to act within a prescribed code of ethics. Breaching the requirements makes them answerable to the board. Thus, there is no chance of being mishandled at Issara clinic.

The Issara clinic is a member of international associations and ensures the employees attend seminars, workshops, and conferences to increase their knowledge in the field as well as learn new treatment techniques. All this is done to benefit the client. The top researchers working here also contribute to the growth of the industry through working tirelessly in research to come up with better and faster ways to complete the treatment.

Of the many people who have had successful Botox, Issara clinic, Samui has produced a high number of satisfied clients. Medical Departures have helped thousands of clients choose the best clinics for various treatment procedures as well as take care of travel and accommodation plans. You only have to ask us for help, and we will be more than happy to assist.


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