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Despite the many stories on how to increase the size of the breasts without going for surgery, none of them can give you a significant and long-lasting solution. The good thing with breast augmentation through surgical operation is that you will get the results instantly and it is rare to hear of complications. Breast augmentation cost has come down considerably given the rise in the number of doctors trained to offer this service, but you can still save a pretty penny by going to Mexico. You may want to know that Medical Departures work with the best breast augmentation clinics. Mexico is one of our most popular destinations, so here’s the lowdown on some of our top clinics:

a) Jenny Bracamontes Blanco

If you want a hospital that will give you the best services without charging you a fortune then this is the place to be. The hospital has received the best breast augmentation review in the region. Clients come from the neighboring countries including the US and even from the furthest points of the world.

You will get assistance in terms of accommodation and booking flight tickets from Medical Departures if you have never been to this part of the world. However, even people who want this kind of help regardless of how well they know the region only need to let the customer care staff know about this and the plans will be set in motion.


b) Marroquin and Sandoval

This is a premier clinic in Mexico that has brought smiles to many women as far as breast augmentation is concerned. You can be among the statistics too if you let the dedicated and skilled staff at Marroquin and Sandoval help you get the breast size and shape you want.

c) Maurice Aceves

This is one of the well-liked clinics in Mexico with clients coming from as far as Australia to get the services. The doctors and medical professionals working here have been trained from the best international universities and they have to undertake continuous professional development to give better services to the public.

d) Ricardo Vega Montlel

If you are working within a budget but want to get an ample cleavage then this is the place to be. This clinic is located in a great neighborhood and your stay here can double as a holiday. The staffs are very friendly and they will be there for you all the way. The breast augmentation surgeons working here are highly qualified and they are no different from those working in the UK, USA or even Australia.

e) Advanced Health Medical Center

This is a hospital to reckon with as far as cosmetic and plastic surgery services are involved. You will get served in the most tranquil atmosphere and not even spent a lot of money.


You will pay USD 3,787( NZ $ 5045, UK £ 2884, CAN $ 4720, AUD $ 4742 ) for breast augmentation in Mexico compared to USD 10,995( NZ $ 14,648, UK £ 8375, CAN $ 13705, AUD $ 13768) in the US

Check out our listings for more breast augmentation clinics. Mexico offers great quality, choice and prices. It’s the perfect destination for your makeover.

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