Breast Enlargement Abroad in Costa Rica - Is it Worth the Risk?


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Are you thinking about getting a breast enlargement? If you are, you probably know the procedure is quite expensive. This is why women in the US and Canada looking for a boob job go abroad for affordable alternatives. For breast enlargement, review, San Jose ’s best clinics. Is it worth it? Many women ask this question and are slightly concerned before visiting abroad. Simply put, there is no jeopardy by going abroad for a breast enlargement. Let us examine this issue closely.

The Myth of “Risky” Medical Tourism

Years ago, many people believed that medical tourism is hazardous. Even today some individuals are mystified by this perception. Rest assured there are plenty of world-class surgeons and clinics in other countries. When you travel abroad to get affordable surgery, you do not compromise on your health. That is, if you know where to look. Thanks to Medical Departures, you can easily locate reputable surgeons and hospitals in places like San Jose, Costa Rica.


Finding a reliable clinic abroad – this is perhaps the closest thing to a catch when it comes to medical tourism. With our help you will not fret about it. If you need affordable and high-quality breast enlargement, review San Jose’s top clinics. Here are three names to add to your shortlist:

Thanks to our screening process, only top clinics as these are listed on our site. From conducting onsite visits to verifying staff qualifications, our team does the legwork so you do not have to. And the result is that you effortlessly locate the most brilliant surgeons in Bangkok that offer breast enlargement surgery. This is not something you would consider risky, would you?

The biggest reason why some people question whether going abroad for surgery is the lower cost of surgery. Let us appraise the cost difference and learn why it is not devious.

Breast Enlargement Price – San Jose

In the US and Canada, a boob job costs you around USD $11,500 and CAD $16,500 respectively. The breast enlargement price in San Jose, Costa Rica is only USD $3,610 / CAD $4,630.

When you save around USD $8,000 / CAD $12,000 on your boob job, you might ask yourself is it “worth the risk?” In addition to what you have learned above, it is important to know the actual reason behind the lower prices.

First, the operating costs in Costa Rica are much lower than in the US or Canada. Plus, the living expenses are also lower. Therefore even top surgeons can enjoy a nice lifestyle without charging the same amount as their American or Canadian counterparts.

As you can see, you are not gambling with your health by going abroad for a breast enlargement. Review, in San Jose, the top clinics listed above and get personalized quotes as you plan your medical holiday to Costa Rica.