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There are many reasons why the Hospital Hispano Americano is top-rated for breast surgery in Mexicali, Mexico. In the past 25 years, this hospital has been providing a wide variety of services to both local and international patients from around the world, who travel to Mexico to receive affordable cosmetic care. Take a look at our listing for Hospital Hispano Americano . Review photos, prices and more, and book your appointment through us online.

Excellent Location

The Hospital Hispano Americano is located in the border city of Mexicali. Convenient for day-trippers there are also plenty of other sights in and around the area to enjoy, if you’d like to spend a little more time in the area.

One of the greatest sights of Mexicali is the Canyon of Guadalupe, where you can enjoy hot spring baths, rock climbing, stargazing, or refresh your mind and perspective in one of the 7 amazing waterfalls there. If you love art, then the Museo Sol del Nino and the House of Culture are great places that you would want to visit. The city also has a great forest zoo where you can meet at least 25 different species of mammals, take a ride to discover the Hispanic culture, discover the Museum of Natural History and have lunch along the peaceful lake.

Affordable Cost of Breast Surgery

Cosmetic surgery cost is another one of the reasons why patients choose the Hospital Hispano Americano for their breast lift or breast reduction. In the past, Medical Departures patients have been able to save more than 60% in Mexicali for breast reduction and breast lift prices, compared to the prices for the same procedures in the USA and Canada. This is in part due to the fact that cost of living is cheaper in Mexico, and additional fees such as administrative cost and workforce cost are lower in Mexico.

At the Hospital Hispano Americano, price for breast lift and breast reduction begins as low as USD 4,500 (CAD 6,074; EUR 4,196; GBP 3,514; AUD 5,965; NZD 6,400) compared to the prices in the USA and Canada which are at least two times more expensive (USD 11,943; CAD 16,120; EUR 11,135; GBP 9,325; AUD 15,831; NZD 16,985).

Expert and Dedicated Breast Surgeons 

The Hospital Hispano Americano is staffed with great surgeons who are dedicated to ensure patient satisfaction with every procedure. One of them is Dr. Rafael Ambril Andara, a Mexico-trained cosmetic surgeon and a Board Member of the College of General Surgeons of Mexicali.

Another, Dr. Horacio Ham Pujol, is a bilingual board-certified plastic surgeon with several years of experience in plastic and reconstructive cosmetic surgery. These surgeons deliver results and operate according to high standards of care established at the Hospital Hispano Americano. Before and after pictures from patients who had breast augmentation there are a true indicator of the excellent care received there.

You can finally save big on your breast surgery (breast augmentation or reduction) according to our Hospital Hispano Americano review. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and contact our Medical Departures team today to find out how to get started.


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