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A chemical peel treatment in Bali is just one of the excellent beauty-enhancing options available on this popular holiday island. Discover what this rejuvenating skin treatment entails, as well as price comparisons and quality-checked clinics.

A chemical peel gets rid of the surface layer of skin, minimizing blemishes, scars and wrinkles as newer skin is revealed beneath. As exposure to the sun damages the skin, getting a chemical peel is best done toward the end of your holiday, rather than the beginning.

How Much Does a Chemical Peel Cost in Bali?

The price for a mild or moderate chemical peel in Bali is considerably less than in other countries:



NZ $

UK £


US $


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Mild/Moderate Chemical Peel Cost - Bali







What is the Procedure for a Chemical Peel?

Varying strengths of chemical peels are available, with certain types of chemicals having different effects on the skin . Mild and medium peels should be performed regularly for best results, whereas the high strength, deep peel option should only be performed once under surgical conditions.


  • Superficial Peels

This is the mildest of the chemical peels and consists of a low-strength Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). It is slightly abrasive and exfoliates a superficial layer of the skin. If you want to improve enlarged pores, blemishes and acne, then this treatment may help. Brands include Obagi® and up to six treatments are recommended, a couple of weeks apart. The downtime is around two or three days of flaking and red skin.

  • Medium-strength Peels

The chemical used for this is Tricholoracetic Acid (TCA) which penetrates a deeper layer of skin than AHA peels. These peels are used for improving pigmentation issues, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as stimulating collagen. Three to five treatments are recommended, again about two weeks apart. It will be seven to ten days before the skin stops peeling and the redness disappears.

  • Deep Peels

These contain Phenol and penetrate the deepest layers of skin . Great for improved texture, tone and wrinkles, only one deep peel treatment is recommended. Full skin recovery does take several weeks with raw, weeping skin and then several months for the pink color to fade from the new skin.

If you are holidaying to Bali, then careful consideration needs to be given as to whether a chemical peel is right for you. This especially runs true for sun-lovers who will need to stay in the shade after the treatment to avoid damaging the new layer of skin.

Are the Clinics in Bali Reliable?

Yes. Bali has a thriving medical tourism scene, and numerous well-established clinics have been treating international patients for a number of years. Because medical tourism is on the rise, newer clinics springing up as well, many of excellent quality.

However, that doesn’t mean you should forget about doing your own research. The clinics listed with Medical Departures have all been background-checked by us and you can see verified doctor qualifications, professional memberships, specialties, patient reviews, before & after photos, prices and much more under each separate listing:

Getting Started

Good-quality facilities offering chemical peel treatment in Bali are relatively easy to find - you just need to do your homework before getting on the plane, rather than searching for a clinic after you arrive. Your choice of clinic may well affect your holiday itinerary and accommodations planning.

Please feel free to contact our Customer Care Team with any questions. We’re here to help!


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