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It is only natural to question whether the medical and cosmetic treatments you see across the world for very cheap prices are reliable and trustworthy. It makes sense that ‘cheap’ prices equate to ‘cheap’ treatments. However, if you visit places such as Pattaya in Thailand, you will find amazingly cheap prices for cosmetic treatments that are performed to high levels. It is only natural to wonder if you can and trust eyelid surgery clinic Pattaya -style.

Thailand’s International Infrastructure

We sometimes get the wrong idea about Thailand. We naturally assume that it’s a poor 3rd World country, and in some regions and areas, you would be correct. However, in the country’s major tourism areas such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Phuket and Chiang Mai, you can expect international-style infrastructure and modern amenities you would expect to find in any major Euopean or American city.

If you are cautious about an eyelid surgery clinic, Pattaya is actually more modern than you can ever imagine. Pattaya has some great eyelid surgery clinic options that have the same world-class treatments you would find back home in America, Australia and Europe, but the best part is that eyelid surgery cost in these locations definitely comes with a 3 rd World price.

Recommended Eyelid Clinic in Pattaya

If you take your time to search our eyelid surgery clinic Pattaya pages, the most highly-recommended clinic in the city the VPlast Clinic Pattaya . Many clients fly directly to Pattaya just to visit VPlast, making it easily the most internationally-geared cosmetic clinic in the region. In operation since 2001, their reputation for quality is untouchable and with a large team of 8 main specialists, alongside 30 professional staff, they are literally at the top of the list. Take your time to read the vast choice of eyelid surgery review pages from their former clients who wax lyrical about this clinic.


Eyelid Surgery Cost

Depending on which eyelid surgery options you want to take advantage of, the price differences between Thailand and the Western World vary from 75% to 85%. The price difference is massive. This difference means that Thailand is a very viable option for those who want to come and enjoy the unique atmosphere that Pattaya has to offer, while getting the best cosmetic treatments in the world for a price that is a fraction of the rates back home.

If you want to check out the eyelid surgery cost for eyebrow lifts in Thailand is US $1,500 (CAN $1,936; UK £1,162; Euro €1,310; Aus $1,967; NZ $2,070), compared to the prices in the US $11,000 (CAN $14,197; UK £8,520; Euro €9,650; Aus $14,000; NZ $15,206).

If you are wondering about the quality of an eyelid surgery clinic, Pattaya is one place that you can trust. They have some of the best cosmetic treatments centers in the world that not only offer vastly cheaper prices than back home in the Western World, but also offer the same levels of quality in terms of performing treatments. So if you are trying to consider visiting Pattaya for your cosmetic treatments, just do it!

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