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Trust is a massive thing. It takes time to build but only seconds to shatter into a million pieces. It’s always easier to break something than it is to build something in life from scratch. When it comes to buying anything online, but especially medical and cosmetic treatments, you have to know whose opinion to trust. Pattaya, Thailand, is known as a rapidly-growing medical tourism holiday destination, but can you trust a hair transplant review? Pattaya might have some of the cheapest options in the world, but are they reliable?

Online Review for Cosmetic Treatments

It really is a question we all ask ourselves from time to time. Do we trust online reviews? I suppose it depends where they are coming from. If you are looking for reliable hair transplant reviews, you can search our listings to find plenty of unadulterated reviews from former patients.


Medical Departure are an online platform whose mission is to find you the best low-cost medical and cosmetic treatments from around the globe. Although we do list all the best hair transplant clinics from SE-Asia, are they just words written on paper?

MD have pulled out all the stops to ensure you get truthful and authentic customer hair transplant review pages on each listing. These customer reviews are from genuine people and former patients of said clinics. We also include other information, like hair transplant before and after photos as well as information about doctor qualifications and experience. You might not be able to trust some reviews online, but the customer reviews from Medical Departures are by real people, for real people. That is why Medical Departures is so trusted.

Hair Transplant Clinics in Pattaya

Take your time to peruse our search listings. Pattaya has some quality clinics with the best two being Apex Profound Beauty Clinic Pattaya and the prestigious VPlast Clinic Pattaya . These two clinics came in at the top of the list due to favorable online reviews from former patients. Both clinics have English-speaking staff and offer world class treatments for affordable prices, perfomed by top-notch specialists.

Finding a price that’s right

Pattaya’s affordable prices and all the other favorable information about each location should be enough to help you make a decision on booking your hair loss treatment in a Pattaya clinic.

With hair transplant prices at approximately 35% cheaper than in the Western World. The price for hair transplant treatments in Thailand on average is: US $ 5,500 (CAN $7,096; UK £4,288; Euro €4,795; Aus $7,188; NZ $7,595), compared to the prices in the US $8.300 (CAN $10,737; UK £6,470; Euro €7,238; Aus $12,000; NZ $12,681).

Now you have found the best hair transplant review, Pattaya should be at the top of your list as the ultimate location to find affordable cosmetic treatments. Now you fully understand that the MD customer-reviews are authentic and the real deal, it only makes sense. Thailand is a true paradise and a joy to visit, so please take advantage of the cheap cosmetic treatment prices to visit this beautiful country for a medical tourist vacation.

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