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When you are looking to find cost-effective facelift treatments, places such as America and Canada have priced themselves out of the game. If you are an American and want to find cosmetic treatment clinics that offer fair prices, Cancun in Mexico might be your ultimate solution. Many people are going online to find facelift before and after pictures in Cancun to find a clinic that performs to the highest levels – and Medical Departures can help them and you to find the best quality clinics out there.

Finding Bargains in Mexico

It is true that Mexico is known for its low-cost medical and dental treatments. Those from California have been skipping over the border to Tijuana for medical treatments since the dawn of civilization. Well, maybe not that long, but you get our point. But how do you ensure you can find a clinic that offers international style treatments that appeal to the quality standards of Americans and Westerners in general? There is more to it than just choosing a clinic via facelift before and after pictures in Cancun.


In this day and age, modern consumers use the internet to research all manner of products and services to ensure they are getting what they expect and are not being ripped off. You can also do this with medical treatments. You can go online, find honest and authentic facelift review pages and testimonials that will give you all the info you need to know about the best and most reliable clinics in Cancun that offer some real bargain prices.

Finding Clinics

Although you can use facelift before and after photos in Cancun from clinics to get an idea of the results of the treatments, or you can visit websites such as Medical Departures who have already searched far and wide to find out the latest info on clinics in Cancun. At Medical Departures, we are dedicated to finding you the clinics and surgeons that operate to the highest levels and offer prices that are a fraction of those in America, Canada and Europe.

Please take you time to view these three facelift clinics in Cancun that are highly recommended by former patients for their excellence and value for money.

Oneline Beauty Clinic 
Luz del Carmen Lopez
Dr Rafael Velasco Marin

Facelift Prices in Mexico

When you need to find facelift treatments that offer affordable solutions, Mexico is the place to visit. They are simply one of the cheapest places in the world for facelift and other cosmetic treatments. Across the board, Mexican cosmetic treatments prices are a massive 60% cheaper than in the USA or Canada. Here is an example of the price for a facelift in Cancun: US $5000 (CAN $6,500; UK £3,800; Euro €4,400; Aus $6,600; NZ $6,900), compared to the prices in the US $18,000 (CAN $23,000; UK £13,900; Euro €15,800; Aus $26,000; NZ $24,000).

Many people are using online customer reviews and facelift before and after pictures in Cancun to find a clinic that offers not only affordable prices, but performs treatments to the highest standards. Let Medical Departures help you to find an unbeatable deal today.

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