Dermal Fillers in Indonesia can be the Secret of Your Youthful Looks


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If you’ve been put off the high cost of dermal filler, Indonesia could be the answer to your prayers. Not only will you receive results that are every bit as good as you would expect from a clinic in your home country, your treatment will cost just a fraction of the price!

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, is second only to Brazil for the size of its tropical forests, and there are a mind-blowing 167 active volcanoes spread throughout the islands. The country is awash with natural, historical and cultural attractions, so you’ll never be stuck for something to do. Plus, the island of Bali provides the ultimate coastal experience, from secluded coves to vibrant beach resorts offering water sport activities by day and frenetic partying by night!

And, what’s more, the cosmetic doctors in Bali are amongst some of the finest in the world and can administer top quality dermal fillers at a price that you can’t afford to ignore.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Getting dermal fillers in Indonesia can help to replace collagen and fat loss in your skin that occurs naturally as part of the aging process. This loss in volume causes the skin to sag, lines to form and unwanted wrinkles to appear. Dermal fillers can help to enhance facial contours, improve the appearance of scars, plump up the lips and improve wrinkles & fine lines.

Before dermal fillers can be administered, the patient will be given a local anaesthetic to numb the area that is to be treated. Next, the filler is injected directly beneath the skin and, apart from a little tenderness, localized swelling and some redness, patients are usually able to go about their normal business immediately.

There are two types of dermal filler:

 Hyaluronic – The main ingredient for this type of filler is hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally-occurring substance found in the skin. It is very good for rehydrating the skin and gives a subtle, youthful glow to the complexion that lasts for around 6 months before it starts to fade.

§ Synthetic - These ingredients do not occur naturally in the skin, but the results are longer-lasting, with some types even being permanent.

Whilst dermal fillers are suitable for everyone, some patients may suffer allergic reactions with some of the synthetic varieties, so be sure to select a dermal filler that’s right for you.

Where can I get the Best Dermal Fillers in Indonesia?

If you conduct your own dermal filler review, Indonesia has some of the best facilities to be found anywhere in the world. Amongst the finest dermal filler clinics and hospitals in Bali are:

1. Rejuvie Aesthetic Anti-Aging

2. BIMC Hospital Nusa

3. Manika Aesthetic Clinic

4. DNL Skin Centre

5. Nu Mi Aesthetic Wellness Clinic

How Much can I Save on Dermal Fillers in Indonesia?

The following table shows just how much you can save by getting your dermal filler treatment in Indonesia compared to the average prices being charged in other parts of the world:

Country Price in Indonesia Domestic Cost

Australia AUD $351 AUD $814

New Zealand NZD $392 NZD $909

United States USD $270 USD $625

Canada CAD $345 CAD $801

United Kingdom GBP £205 GBP £477

Europe EUR €232 EUR €539

These figures represent a universal saving of 56% off the cost of dermal filler. Indonesia clinics represent not only top-quality treatments, but also unbeatable value for money.

So contact our Customer Care Team today and make dermal fillers in Indonesia the secret of your youthful looks!


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