Don’t Let These Misconceptions About Botox in Penang Mislead You


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While medical tourism has become a viable alternative to expensive elective procedures in countries like Australia and New Zealand, many people are not sure about whether they medical tourism is such a good idea. The reason for this is the numerous myths going around about medical tourism and about the leading medical tourism destinations and procedures. The same is the case with botox. Medical Departures is an excellent source for reading a botox review. Penang offers plenty of clinics if you are looking at Botox in Malaysia , don’t let any misconceptions convince you otherwise. So let’s clear some of these misconceptions.

“Low Cost = Low Quality”

When it comes to medical and cosmetic procedures, price is generally reflective of quality. However, this is not true in the case of the low botox cost at the leading botox clinics in Penang. Browse through the list of the top facilities in Penang and you will find the Leh Clinic, Amandery Clinic , Clinic RX Penang , Klinik Kim , and Union Rejuvenation . All these facilities have received a positive botox review from past patients. The reason for this is that they offer world-class medical treatments at affordable rates. The prices are low because running a medical practice in Malaysia is much lower than in Australia and New Zealand.

The per unit botox cost in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $20 (NZD $21). Conversely, in Penang, you only have to spend around AUD $12 (NZD $12.6) per unit, which means savings of up to 40%. This leads us to our second misconception…


Botox + Vacation in Penang = Bankruptcy

While it’s true that you have to pay for traveling and accommodation in addition to the cost of the procedure, keep in mind that you are saving 40% on each unit of botox you receive. Whether you head to the Leh Clinic, Amandery Clinic, Clinic RX Penang, Klinik Kim, or Union Rejuvenation, the cost will be comparably lower than in Australia or New Zealand.

No Way to Assess Results

The great thing is you can find a botox review in Penang for each of these clinics. Each botox review is accompanied by botox before and after images. This way, you not only find information about the clinic and the procedure, but also get a clear idea of what to expect. Thebotox before and after images are an integral part of each botox review in Penang, because when you see the impact of botox on past patients, you can make an informed decision.

“Penang Not at Par with International Standards”

Last, but not the least, there is a common misconception that the facilities in Penang are not on par with international standards. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The facilities there cater primarily to patients from abroad. Malaysia has one of the best healthcare in the world. Many doctors there are trained in the world’s top universities and clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The botox technicians there are highly experienced and qualified.

So, now that you know the truth behind these misconceptions, you will be able to make an informed decision about botox. We still suggest you check a clinic’s botox review. Penang will not disappoint in terms of cost and expertise. To book your appointment at one of our clinics in Penang for Botox, book online, or speak to our Customer Care Team.

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