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As the spotlight of this Medical Departures Double Eyelid Surgery Review, Phuket’s Jungceylon Plastic Surgery Clinic -- situated on the southwest coast of the famously beautiful Southeast Asian nation of Thailand -- offers nearly unbelievable savings for on Asian blepharoplasty, otherwise known as double eyelid surgery.

Double eyelid surgery involves making a fold in the upper eyelid in eyelids that don’t have one. The single or ‘monolid’ is a feature in approximately 50% of Asians and the surgery not only opens up the eye area, but also makes the eyes appear more ‘westernized’.


With the increasing demand for blepharoplasty in the West, unfortunately, cost has increased dramatically among Western providers in recent years, and continues to climb. Fortunately, though, Phuket’s Jungceylon Plastic Surgery Clinic offers stunningly massive savings on eyelid surgery.

Single Eyelid Surgery Cost

(Western Clinics vs. Phuket’s Premier Clinic):

Western Average

Jungceylon Plastic Surgery Clinic


$6,385 USD ($8,375 AUD, $8,985 NZD, $8,528 CAD, €5,891 EUR, £4,933 GBP)


$282 USD ($374 AUD, $401 NZD, $381 CAD, €263 EUR, £220 GBP)


So, when you visit Jungceylon Plastic Surgery Clinic for double eyelid surgery, you can expect to save over $12,000 USD, easily covering travel expenses, stay at any of Phuket’s high-end 5-star resorts, days of weeks of fun in the sun and shopping at high-end retailers on the island like Dolce & Gabbana – and still leaving you with money to bring home to use how you please!

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Jungceylon Plastic Surgery Clinic:

Lead surgeon Dr. Piyapas Pichaichanarong is certified to practice his craft by the international Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Aside from the excellent doctor, the clinic features the most modern amenities, all English-speaking staff, and the latest technology to provide a standard of care to rival any of the best European, American, or Australian clinics.

For reviews and feedback from real-life clients we have formerly referred to Jungceylon Plastic Surgery Clinic, visit the profile linked above!

Double Eyelid Surgery Photos (Phuket’s Jungceylon Plastic Surgery Clinic):

Combining unparalleled quality of care, cleanliness, ultra-modern technology all situated in tropical paradise, Phuket offers a superior alternative to your overpriced hometown clinic for Double Eyelid Surgery. Review Phuket’s Jungceylon Plastic Surgery Clinic for yourself at the link provided above, where you’ll gain access to surgeon profiles, an exhaustive list of the clinic’s accreditations and certifications, take virtual tours of the facilities complete with photos of the clinic from both outside and inside, and chat with our helpful online staff to arrange your journey to Phuket to receive your top-notch double eyelid surgery at a fraction of the cost you’ll find anywhere in the West!


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