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Surgery for Teardrop Breast Implants in Malaysia is Not a Bad Idea!

Over the past few years, Malaysia has become the go-to destination for many medical tourists, particularly those from Australia and New Zealand. Among these tourists, there is a significant portion that appreciates Malaysia’s offerings in the sphere of cosmetic treatments. A prime example is breast augmentation surgery. In the following paragraphs, we give you can an overview of getting teardrop breast implants in Malaysia.

There is another type of breast implant shape as well: round. However, in this article we will focus on teardrop implants. These implants are named so because they resemble teardrops. Made from silicone gel, these implants are relatively new on the market, first introduced in the US in 2012. Other names for teardrop implants are ‘gummy-bear’ and ‘form-stable’ implants owing to the fact that these implants are designed to maintain their shape.

The gel is thicker than the silicone in round implants, which is why it holds a definite shape. In terms of shapes and sizes, teardrop implants come in a wide variety. This offers greater control in molding the implant shape and dimensions in accordance with your body and the desired breast volume. The precise benefit is that it can help fill a certain area of the breast (e.g. the upper pole).

Thankfully, teardrop implants are not confined to the US or other expensive countries where they cost a fortune. Several clinics in Malaysia offer these implants at very reasonable prices. Top names include Dr. Ananda's Cosmetic Surgery Clinic and Clinic D'umra. The primary benefit of getting these implants in Malaysia is affordability. The average cost of breast implants in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $16500 and NZD $18100, whereas prices in Malaysia are AUD $4120 and NZD $4517. In other words, breasts implants, on average, are 64% cheaper in Malaysia as compared to in your country.

Selecting breast implants is not an easy process for women. It requires consultation where your surgeon will put you through physical examination and discuss surgery goals. In Malaysia, you can find the best surgeons who are trained in breast surgery using teardrop implants.

Dr. Ananda, for instance, is a 22-year veteran in the field of cosmetic surgery and is associated with the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as well as the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery. Another top surgeon is Dr. Rafi, who heads the Clinic d’Umra. He has a diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the US and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine.

Both these surgeons, like most medical professionals in Malaysia, speak fluent English, which will result in a smooth and detailed consultation. And the credentials of these surgeons demonstrate the kind surgical expertise you can expect in Malaysia, which is in no way inferior to what can expect in your local hospitals.

But the difference is that surgery for teardrop breast implant in Malaysia is affordable for Aussies and Kiwis. Schedule a consultation with a couple of Malaysian surgeons to learn more about your options.