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Are you thinking of traveling for medical tourism to take advantage of low prices of plastic surgeries as well as enjoying a holiday in a foreign location? If you require breast reduction, Playa del Carmen ’s clinics fit the bill. It has top-notch medical facilities that offer cosmetic surgeries at an inexpensive price. It is also a coastal resort time with beaches and water sports, apart from other tourist attractions. You can holiday at this fantastic destination, take advantage of the warm climate, have your surgery and go back home flaunting a more proportionate figure.

When do you need breast reduction surgery?

While you can use minimizer bras to reduce the appearance of big boobs, these cannot help you with the physical problems that you may face. Your back and shoulder muscles can ache and you are carrying unnecessary extra weight. You can also have skin irritation below your boobs and even suffer from dermatitis or fungal infections. You may find it difficult to find inner and outer wear that fits well and carry out some activities.

You can also feel quite conscious of your boobs and find that it is first thing that people notice about you, denting your confidence. At times, the surgery may be covered by medical insurance, but if you don’t have insurance, or your plan does not cover this surgery or you have high co-pay or deductibles, you can still have this surgery as the breast reconstruction price in Playa del Carmen is affordable.

Recommended cosmetic surgery clinics in Playa del Carmen

You spend a great deal of time putting your research in place as the town is a popular medical tourism destination and has a plethora of clinics. However, if you want to cut down on your research time, explore Medical Departures’ website. We only list clinics that we have checked for amenities and the quality of treatment, doctors whose qualifications we have verified and we also offer the best price guarantee. All the clinics listed on our site have been quality-checked by us to ensure your safety. Two of the top clinics are

Clinica Ambar –Dr. Carlos Edgar Villalobos Ochoa who heads this clinic is a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and is highly experienced. This clinic offers all kinds of plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments including breast reduction for both women and men who suffer from male boobs.

Age Less Clinic – whether you want breast reduction or any other cosmetic surgeries or treatments, you can have them at this clinic that is centrally located and close to many city activities.

What is the breast reconstruction price in Playa del Carmen?

You can pay around US$3,900 (CAD4,929, £2,976, €3,386, AUD4,927, NZD5,301) for breast reduction in Playa del Carmen. In an advanced western country the breast reconstruction price will set you back by around US$12,500 (CAD15,801, £9,542, €10,852, AUD15,794, NZD16,994). You not only save substantially but also get to have a relaxing time at this popular place.

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