Eyelid surgery in Thailand: Locations to consider


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For an eyelid surgery procedure, Thailand is a prime destination. It has beautiful locations, is reasonably priced and has some high quality medical facilities. In fact, medical tourism in Thailand is booming and contributes significantly to the country’s economy. In Thailand you can choose from gorgeous holiday destinations like the bustling modern city of Bangkok, the beach rich Pattaya, the other beautiful beach place, Koh Samui and the laid back Chiang Mai among other destinations.

You can enjoy a memorable holiday at any of these places in Thailand and also get cosmetic treatment done much cheaper than in the country where you live. As Thailand is relatively inexpensive in all aspects, you can enjoy at a good hotel, shopping, food, sightseeing and going to temples, gardens, cultural attractions, live entertainment in almost all destinations in Thailand.

How eyelid surgery procedure in Thailand can make you look younger

If your upper eyelids are drooping, you have under eye bags and wrinkles around the eyes, this can affect your entire facial appearance. Eyes that do not look fully open give you a tired look and may even give the impression that you are always stressed and grumpy and, of course, older.

Eyelid surgery addresses all these problems – bags under the eyes are removed, folds and wrinkles are treated by cutting away excess skin and your eyes will look refreshed and open. This immediately gives you a more youthful appearance. The sutures are put in the eyelid creases or near the lash lines so are virtually invisible. Check eyelid surgery reviews – Thailand will prove to be a popular destination for cosmetic procedures.

For an affordable eyelid surgery cost, Bangkok will set you back by only AUD2,015 (NZD2,119, £1,168, €1,342, US$1,500, CAD2.016). In an advanced western country similar cosmetic work will cost you an average of AUD8,400 (NZD8,831, £4,870, €5,596, US$6,250, CAD8,402).

Top cosmetic clinics for eyelid surgery in Thailand

You will find many cosmetic clinics in all tourist destinations, but it is best not to simply walk into one for surgical intervention. You do need to find a top-notch facility with qualified and experienced doctors. That is why it is best to book via a reputed site like Medical Departures. We always verify the clinics after visiting them, check that they follow international treatment protocols, investigate the background, qualifications and credentials of the doctors and we offer the best price guarantee as well. Among the quality-checked clinics are:

KTOP Clinic – in Bangkok, this is the branch of the reputed Grand Plastic Surgery Hospital of Korea. It offers a wide range of aesthetic procedures.

Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre – a popular and famous medical center in Bangkok, Nirunda offers all kinds of aesthetic treatment to improve your face and figure including eyelid surgery.

Yanhee Hospital Health & Beauty – this is a popular medical facility in Bangkok that offers a high standard of care and treatment. It is also JCI accredited.

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