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The cost of the treatments from facelift clinics in Cabo San Lucas is much more affordable that in Northern America. When it comes to medical services, Cabo San Lucas is one of the best providers of facelift treatments.

At the southern tip of Mexico's magnificent peninsula is Cabo San Lucas. This place is fantastic for several reasons: stylish restaurants, a great nightlife and lively beaches. Cabo is quaint and colorful with a colonial plaza centered round its magnificent mission in the town square.

What is the procedure for a facelift?

A facelift, technically referred to as rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgery that intends to rejuvenate a patient’s face by improving sagging skin in the middle of the face. The process involves the surgeon separating the fat from the muscle to create a more distinct outline of the face. Afterwards, the muscles are tightened, while excess skin is removed.

Patients who are looking for quality aesthetic treatments like a facelift seek out Dr. Javier Enrique Rosales Rubio of Saint Luke’s Medical Center. For more than twelve years, this medical facility has served its patients with world-class health care services. Its team of doctors personally deals with people who have aging and skin issues.


Saint Luke’s Medical Center is a successful and highly respected cosmetic center in Cabo San Lucas. It provides only the optimum services that help patients improve their well-being and beauty. What is more gratifying is its medical fees are actually inexpensive compared to other clinics abroad. Treatments like eyelid surgeries and rhinoplasty are very affordable here, which is why it is popular with Americans and Canadians who can combine their surgery with a holiday in this lovely location.

Facelift prices in Cabo San Lucas

So, you might to be wondering just what the prices are for a facelift in Cabo San Lucas, and how much you can save? See the table below:


























Where will you spend your savings? Well, you can enjoy a nice recovery period in Los Cabos. This is one of the reasons why getting your medical services here is great. You can receive personalized services from amazing resorts and hotels. This may help you while healing.

Why use Medical Departures? We can help you enjoy your travel while getting your facelift at Saint Luke’s Medical Center. You can get a free quote from this medical facility by just contacting us. We will assist you with your travel plans and attend to your medical concerns.

Change your life and the way you look with the help of one of the best facelift clinics in Cabo San Lucas. Think about it – in Cabo San Lucas, you can actually hit two birds with the same stone. Travel to Cabo San Lucas now and experience how gratifying it is to live a life with a more beautiful you.

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