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Although the dermal filler price in Indonesia is one of the cheapest in the world, if you are looking to purchase these life-changing treatments, it is important to know what you are dealing with from the start.

#1 – Dermal Fillers are Over 100 years old

Although we sometimes see dermal fillers as a relatively new anti-aging treatment, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Although the low-cost dermal filler price in Indonesia and how the treatment is promoted would make you think it’s a new thing, it has actually been around for over 100 years. Dermal fillers were first invented in the late-1800s in Austria by the surgeon, Robert Gersuny – although the first fillers were Vaseline and Paraffin – and a far cry from the special formulations we have today.

#2 – Second Most Popular Treatment in 2015

Dermal fillers and the use of soft tissue fillers is very popular. In fact, they were the second most popular non-surgical treatment in the USA in 2015. We see this popularity with the increasing interest in dermal filler clinics in Indonesia.

#3 – The Use of Natural Fillers

The main fillers used in dermal treatments are collagen and hyaluronic acid, which is very interesting. Hyaluronic acid is actually naturally produced by our bodies and was finally approved by the FDA as a filler in 2003. Collagen was FDA-approved in 1981 and is derived from bovines or humans. You can find some ideal dermal filler doctors in Bali , Indonesia when you want to take advantage of these FDA-approved treatments.

#4 – Temporary or Long-Lasting Effects?

Although the dermal filler price in Indonesia is very cost effective, it is important to know more about the effects of the treatments. There is not a set-in-stone timescale for how long your dermal fillers will last, but as it is a semi-permanent injectable, it will take approximately 3-months for your body to absorb the fillers, although the effects can still last several years.

#5 – Male Use of Dermal Fillers on the rise

With any sort of injectable facial treatments, we naturally assume that they are generally for women. Did you know that the increase of dermal filler usage by men is on the rise? In 2015 alone, the use of dermal and soft tissue fillers for men increased by 6%.

If you are a man or woman and need to find an affordable dermal filler price in Indonesia, procuring quality clinics is very important. Here is a selection of top-notch clinics in Indonesia for those who seek an establishment that merges affordability and quality.

Rejuvie Aesthetic Anti-Aging

Manika Aesthetic Clinic

Nu-Mi Aesthetic Wellness Clinic

When you are looking to secure the cheapest dermal filler cost Indonesia has to offer, you need to know the going-rate, so you don’t get caught out. Here is an example of dermal filler price you can expect to pay at the Rejuvie Aesthetic Clinic: USD $300 (CAN $374; UK £227; Euro €253; Aus $374; NZ $400).

Now you are armed with some facts about Dermal Filler price in Indonesia and about the treatments in general, you can see why so many people are now opting for dermal fillers. Please absorb these facts and use them to make the right decision to visit Indonesia for your dermal fillers.

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