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Tired of Looking for Good Arm Lift Clinics? Tijuana Has You Covered

If you want to get arm lift surgery and are looking for a good clinic, may we suggest that you broaden your scope of research? Head to Mexico, where you will be joined by numerous smart medical tourists who enter the country the year round not only for a vacation, but also to seek the best arm lift clinics. Tijuana , in particular, has some excellent facilities for cosmetic surgery offering the best services at affordable prices.

Arm Lift Prices in Tijuana

As mentioned already, arm lift surgery in particular and plastic surgery in general is affordable in Mexico as compared to the US. Here is a cost comparison for your consideration:

Price of Arm Lift in US: $6800

Price of Arm Lift in Mexico (high): $300

Price of Arm Lift in Mexico (low): $1300

Price of Arm Lift in Mexico (median): $2300

Percentage saving: 66%


So you are making savings upwards of 60%, so you’ll be saving money even after factoring in the cost of travel. This is enough for most people to cross the border for cosmetic surgery! Medical tourism in Mexico is growing by the day, with Tijuana serving as a major destination, particularly for cosmetic surgery.

Find Hospitals for Arm Lift Surgery With Reviews

One of the best ways of looking for clinics in Tijuana is using arm lift review websites. You can also look for referrals from previous medical tourists. Likewise, you can use the same method to find a reliable arm lift surgeon in Tijuana.

Best Arm Lift Clinics in Tijuana

While there are several international-quality clinics in Mexico, the top arm lift clinics in Tijuana are as follows:

These hospitals have the best surgeons in all of Mexico. For instance, the chief surgeon at Cammel Plastic Surgery clinic is Dr. Camacho Melo, who is a board-certified surgeon who is highly qualified and has years of experience on the field.

Likewise, Dr. Isabel Mirabal is also running an impressive practice out of the Hospital Angeles. She obtained her degree from the University Hospital Venezuela. She has been practicing since 2004, making her one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in Tijuana. She is also a member of both the Venezuela Board of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery and the Mexican Board of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Schedule a Consultation Right Away

Once you find a reliable clinic and surgeon for arm lift, don’t delay your consultation. Your surgeon will brief you on all you the necessary preparations before you fly in for your surgery. The best thing about getting surgery in Mexico is that the clinic will not keep you waiting long, as is customary in American clinics. For all its worth, when it comes to arm lift clinics, Tijuana is one of the best places for Americans and Canadians seeking this procedure.

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