Finding the Best Body Lift Clinic, Pattaya, Thailand


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Having cosmetic treatments in this day and age should really be available to everyone. However, with such high-prices in Europe, America and Australia, only the richest or those willing to remortgage their house can afford such treatments. That was until now. Did you know that places in SE-Asia such as Pattaya, Thailand, are now the perfect destinations for low-cost cosmetic treatments? Let us find you the best body lift clinic. Pattaya is a great destination offering quality and affordability.

What is a Body Lift?

As we get older, it becomes more difficult to lose weight, especially around the midriff area. We all know people who exercise and eat well but still can’t get rid of the excess fat. A Body Lift cosmetic treatment is designed to remove excess skin and fat from the upper, mid and/or lower body. This is a plastic surgery treatment that needs to be performed by a quality surgeon. This is why we are here to help you find the most reliable and body lift clinic, Pattaya has to offer with a great choice of body lift review pages.

Is Pattaya good for a Body Lift?

Pattaya is already one of the most popular tourism destinations in SE-Asia, known for its amazing and exciting nightlife and value-for-money eateries, resort and tourism attractions. Over the past few years, Pattaya has become the ultimate location for cosmetic and medical tourism with a great choice of body lift clinic options.


Please utilize our reviews on the Medical Departures website portal to find the most highly-recommend clinics in the Pattaya region. Our reviews are from former patients of each clinic who give their honest opinion on the treatment centers so you can make a well-guided choice. When it comes to finding the best body lift clinic, Pattaya has some top-notch treatment centers. We would recommend the Vplast Clinic Pattaya , which is known for its top-notch body lift treatments and high-grade equipment.

Many people from Australia, Europe and New Zealand like to visit Pattaya, Thailand, to take advantage of these low-cost treatments while at the same time exploring this beautiful and enigmatic nation.

Body Lift Prices

The body lift cost in Pattaya is dramatically cheaper than in Western nations, over 80% cheaper in some cases, which is why so many people are visiting Thailand for their medical and cosmetic treatments. You can get the best quality treatments performed to the same high standards as back home for a fraction of the price.

The average price for body lift treatments in Thailand is US $5000 (CAN $6,500; UK £3,800; Euro €4,400; Aus $6,600; NZ $6,900), compared to the prices in the US $25,000 (CAN $32,000; UK £19,400; Euro €22,000; Aus $36,000; NZ $37,099).

Now you know the prices at a good-quality body lift clinic. Pattaya, is a great destination in terms of leisure time, so why not have a holiday before your procedure, and recuperate afterwards. With prices that are 80% or more cheaper than in the Western World, you’ll be able to do both.