Finding the Best Tummy Tuck Review, Penang, Malaysia


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It’s one thing to understand how cheap cosmetic surgery is in SE-Asia, but it’s another thing completely to find the best clinics via reviews online. Medical Departures was launched to help you find medical and cosmetic treatment centers around the world for the most affordable prices. However, cheap prices are not enough, as quality is just as important. Let us help to find you the perfect tummy tuck review Penang, Malaysia has to offer.

Is Penang Popular for Medical Tourism?

Penang is a vibrant Malaysian island that is known for its vast amounts of Indian inhabitants, and is most notably making a name for itself in the medical and cosmetic surgery world. When you are searching online for a tummy tuck review, Penang ranks highly in terms of choice, quality and pricing.

Penang is becoming a very popular medical and cosmetic treatment holiday destination, and with English being so widely spoken on the island, this is a great alternative for Australians, Europeans and Americans who are looking for undoubted quality and unbeatable prices.


#1 Tummy Tuck Review in Penang

At Medical Departures, you can see the best clinics Penang has to offer. Through customer reviews, the Leh Clinic Penang comes in at the top spot. Located in the heart of George Town, and experts in beauty aesthetics, this clinic attracts the most international clientele. This consultation-based clinic deals with everyone on a tailor-made basis and is very personable and honest.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and treatments, this clinic is just as modern and professional as any clinic you will find back in your home country. Although SE-Asia might be seen as less-developed than some places in the Western World, when it comes to their medical facilities, they can compete with any other nation from across the globe.

Tummy Tuck Cost in Malaysia

Why would an Aussie, European or Americans travel half-way across the world just to find a Malaysian tummy tuck surgeon? You don’t know already? Because of the affordable tummy tuck cost in Penang. If you are trying to find a cheap tummy tuck review, Penang offers some of the most affordable. Did you know that a tummy tuck cost in Malaysia is a massive 68% less than in Western countries? The low cost is simply stunning.

For tummy tuck treatments in the USA and Australia, you could expect to pay in the region of USD $10,100, or AUD $14,000 respectively. Getting the same tummy tuck treatments performed in Malaysia, on average it will cost approximately USD $3,200, AUD $4,100 and NZD $4,300. The price comparison tells a story by itself.

When you want to find an affordable tummy tuck, review Penang’s clinic listings on our site and you’ll find it is easily one of the cheapest places in the world to get the treatments. With prices that are nearly 70% cheaper than in Australia or America, it is no wonder that so many Westerners are now opting to visit Malaysia and SE-Asia for their cosmetic treatments.