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Located in the northern mountainous region of Thailand, the city of Chiang Mai offers a lot in the way of tourism, and medical tourism. And while Botox isn’t one of those procedures for which you would especially and/or solely travel internationally, you can certainly get it done when you’re already in Chiang Mai. So when you’re in Thailand, whether on a vacation or for some medical procedure, and you need Botox, this is the perfect place and time. Start by looking at Botox before and after photos in Chiang Mai. Why? Let’s dig deeper into the answer.

The Best Evidence

As something that arguably treats wrinkles, Botox is pretty amazing. Having said that, it needs to be administered with utmost care and in the right controlled conditions. So it makes sense why you should be 100% confident about the clinic where you get Botox and expect the best results from the injections. This is where the Botox before and after photos are essentially the best evidence you can get of a clinic’s ability to deliver the results you’re looking for.

But you can’t just take a clinic’s word for it. This is where Medical Departures steps in as a reliable source of information. So when you’re in Chiang Mai, explore this site to see Botox before and after photos in Chiang Mai. The pictures will help you see what the professionals at a Botox centre are capable of. By clearly seeing what past patients got out of the Botox injections, you can set your own expectations.

Top Clinics in Chiang Mai for Botox

Feel free to explore Medical Departures and learn about the different clinics offering Botox. To make things easier for you, here’s a list of 3 of our recommended clinics in the city:

  • Machita Clinic Taphae Branch
  • Pan Clinic Beauty Care Chiang Mai 1 Branch
  • Diaa Aesthetic Clinic

If you’re looking for Botox, review Chiang Mai, specifically the 3 clinics listed above. You’ll save yourself considerable hassle and increase your odds of getting the best results.

How Much Can You Save?

Right, let’s talk savings. After all, that’s the primary purpose of medical tourism. Here’s a cost comparison of Botox in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Australia & New Zealand (price per unit):

Cost of Botox in Australia: AUD $20
Cost of Botox in New Zealand: NZD $21.8
Cost of Botox in Chiang Mai: AUD $7.5, NZD $8.3

So you can enjoy a 60% discount as you discount your aging with Botox! Pretty sweet deal. Rest assured that these fantastic savings are not because the quality of the Botox or services are sub-standard. The affordability is basically a result of lower operating costs in Thailand. So feel free to contact any of the 3 clinics mentioned above and don’t forget to look at some Botox before and after photos in Chiang Mai.

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