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Laser Hair Removal Review: Tijuana in the Spotlight

Mexico has been a popular destination for Americans seeking affordable medical procedures for some time. The quality of services in Mexico have improved significantly over the last decade, especially after drug violence has subsided in the country. Now millions of Americans cross the border every year to avail various medical and cosmetic procedures, like laser hair removal. Tijuana has come in the spotlight for offering excellent medical services at affordable prices. Consult any laser hair removal review, Tijuana is frequently regarded as one of the best places for cosmetic procedures.

Laser Hair Removal Prices in Tijuana

Prices vary from clinic to clinic, but you can expect to pay around $1400 for laser hair removal in Tijuana, which is lower than the average prices of the same treatment in the US. You can take quotes from various clinics (which hardly takes time online) to find the best hair removal price. You can look for exclusive holiday packages as well.

Laser hair removal, being a cosmetic treatment, is usually not covered by insurance. You have to pay out-of-pocket, so it makes more sense to get it done in Tijuana than in your city. On average, medical tourists in Tijuana can expect to save 50% on any procedure, which means you save money even after factoring in the cost of travel.

However, affordability doesn’t come at the expense of quality and reliability. As stated above, the quality of medical and cosmetic procedures has significantly improved over the years, so that you are getting the same quality as in the US, if not better.

Best Clinics for Laser Hair Removal in Tijuana

You can use laser hair removal review websites to select from the wide range of excellent cosmetic clinics in Tijuana. Some of the best names are Hair Medical Restoration and Clinica Terranova.

These clinics are situated in safe and convenient locations in Tijuana, and offer state-of-the-art facilities for the best aesthetic benefits. Another major benefit of getting laser hair removal in Tijuana is the time factor. A laser hair removal session takes only a few minutes, but you have to wait for ages to get an appointment in American clinics. But in Tijuana, you will be shown into the clinic almost immediately upon arrival. The waiting period is negligible compared to in the US and Canada.


Travelling to Tijuana

The Tijuana International Airport receives flights all year long; by planning your medical trip a couple of weeks in advance, you can find low airfares as well. You can also take a road trip to Tijuana. In fact there is a dedicated fast lane for medical tourists who travel from San Francisco to Tijuana, which reduces both your travel time and costs.

All in all, if you want to get affordable laser hair removal, review Tijuana and its budding medical tourism scene. There is no price tag on your beauty, but if you can save money on cosmetic procedures, why not avail the opportunity? Book an appointment for laser hair removal in Tijuana through Medical Departures and guarantee the best prices.

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