Going abroad for IVF? Review Guadalajara, Mexico as an Option


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The high cost of fertility treatments makes it out-of-reach for all but the well-off. There is, however, a cheaper way if you are prepared to go abroad, and there are a lot of choices, particularly in Mexico. Consequently, for your IVF, review Guadalajara’s fertility clinics with Medical Departures to see if they can provide what you wish.

Choosing a Clinic

It can be a difficult decision choosing one clinic over another, so it is always worth looking at the statistics the clinics publish, as well as how they respond when you contact them. You can probably think of your own criteria to help your evaluation, but some of the things you should seek answers to include:

  • Range of IVF treatments

  • Techniques and equipment used on both the medical and laboratory side

  • Cost of treatments

  • Clinic size and how many people they treat

  • Success rates

  • Out-of-hours accessibility

  • Any guarantees regarding costs or treatment outcomes?

  • Accessible location

  • Responsiveness to your queries

  • English-speaking staff


Medical Departures has partnered with reliable clinics who offer trustworthy services. We perform a number of background checks on each facility listed on our website, including onsite visits, confirmation of doctor qualifications and corroboration of professional memberships. You can view most of this information under each listing, as well as prices, photos, patient reviews and much more to help you compile a shortlist. You can book an appointment online, ask for a free quote or speak to our Customer Care Team if you would like to talk things through.

What is the Cost of IVF in Guadalajara?

You can save a considerable sum by going to Guadalajara for IVF rather than staying at home.


US $


UK £



NZ $

IVF Cost Home







IVF Cost Guadalajara







Is the Quality of Treatment in Guadalajara Good?

Certainly, the facilities at the clinics in Guadalajara are on a par with Western clinics in, for example, the United States, as these clinics demonstrate:

BioFertility Center

New Hope Fertility Center - Guadalajara

You may also be reassured to know that success rates are also comparable with home. Just because there is a huge difference in prices does not mean that the lower costs abroad are because the treatment is inferior. The main reason for the price difference is the cost of living. Mexico’s cost-of-living is way less than in the United States, and the prices for IVF are simply a reflection of that.

Why else Should I Choose Guadalajara for IVF over Elsewhere?

It is true that Guadalajara is second in size only to Mexico City but it is nowhere near as fast-paced or busy as the Capital. Its historic center boasts impressive architecture and UNESCO-listed buildings, as well as Latin-America’s biggest indoor market.

Colorful street markets, festivals, free concerts and the sounds of mariachi are a feature of this authentic Mexican city, and in the surrounding countryside you can really experience the rugged outdoors in the forests, canyons and hot springs.

You can certainly get-away-from-it-all in Guadalajara with the benefits of the city’s amenities and services.

The Bottom Line

Going to fertility treatment abroad is a big decision, but for affordable, high-quality IVF review Guadalajara as a destination and put it on your shortlist.

David De Los Santos

David De Los Santos has a master's degree in Psychology in Organizational Development and is currently writing for both Dental and Medical Departures.
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