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Are you open to the idea of travelling abroad for a breast lift? Women who are dealing the after-effects of pregnancy or nursing might have droopy boobs, because they lose their volume and tightness. Little you can do to reverse this effect after it occurs, except going under the knife. The breast lift procedure makes perfect sense for women who want to restore the appearance of their breasts. If you want to travel to the Philippines for the procedure, the breast lift price Cebu ’s clinics charge can make the trip worth your while.

In simple words, if you are seeking an affordable breast lift, review Cebu ’s clinics on Medical Departures to compare prices and other factors. The main reason patients from Australia and New Zealand are travelling to the Philippines for cosmetic surgery is the price tag. The rising cost of healthcare Down Under is a major factor in the growth of the medical tourism market in the region. Here are some reasons why you should consider Cebu as an option for affordable breast lift:


The average cost of breast lift in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $15,800 / NZD $17,231, whereas the average breast lift price Cebu’s clinics charge is AUD $3,906 / NZD $4,260. That is over 75% less than having it done back home.

The amount of money you save will easily cover the cost of travelling to and staying in Cebu for the duration of the treatment and recovery. In fact, the low price of breast lift that Cebu offers makes it possible for you to have a short vacation there.


World-Class Clinics

Cebu is home to a number of excellent cosmetic and plastic surgery facilities. These clinics and hospitals house the latest medical technology and equipment. Moreover, the surgeons and doctors operating in Cebu are highly qualified and experienced.

You can expect a high standard of treatment and care when undergoing breast lift. Review Cebu’s clinics on Medical Departures and you will confirm that a majority of past patients consider the quality of the treatment here on par with the leading facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

The best clinics in Cebu include (with breast lift prices):

Enjoy a Vacation

As remarked, you can enjoy a short vacation in Cebu while you are convalescing. You can spend your time exploring the best of what the city presents, including the historical and cultural landmarks that are remnants of an epoch gone by. You will also find a number of tourist attractions to check out during your stay here.

The low breast lift price that Cebu’s surgeons charge makes it worth your while to head to the city for the procedure. Pick the suitable clinic by comparing the list of options available to you on Medical Departures.

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