How are the chin augmentation clinics in Pattaya?


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Are you considering chin augmentation? Pattaya is not only a great holiday destination but also offers affordable chin augmentation treatment. With its many beaches, water sports, clubs and bars, Pattaya offers a memorable holiday to beach and water lovers and also to those who enjoy partying the night away. You can check out the many tourist attractions in the city, eat delicious Thai food and go shopping at huge malls or do street shopping.

How can chin augmentation help?

If your facial features are out of balance and you feel that you have a receding chin, chin augmentation will give you a sharper and stronger looking chin. This can lend balance to your face and enhance your attractiveness. Dermal fillers are an easy way to add volume to the chin and give it the shape that looks better. It is a minimally invasive treatment that requires virtually no downtime and gives quick results. It is also cheaper than surgery.

Surgery is not very complicated though as it is done using implants to improve the shape and size of the chin. Implants are inserted via small incisions that can be placed under the chin or from inside the mouth. The silicone implants are permanent. Go through chin augmentation reviews and see what people have to say about their chin augmentation procedures before you make your mind up.

Good chin augmentation clinics in Pattaya

You may well wonder which ones are the good chin augmentation clinics in Pattaya. There are many cosmetic clinics that do this procedure and if you check on the website of Medical Departures, you will find those clinics that have been quality-checked by us so you are safer when you book through us. Among the listed clinics are

Vplast Clinic Pattaya – this clinic offers all kinds of aesthetic treatments that enhance your skin, your body and your face. It offers anti-ageing treatments, hair transplant, facial contouring and other cosmetic treatments including chin augmentation.

La Grace Clinic Central Pattaya Beach Branch – this branch (one of many) is near the beach so has a great location. It offers all kinds of surgeries and cosmetic treatments including chin augmentation done by highly qualified chin augmentation surgeons.

You can book at either of these chin augmentation clinics in Pattaya with us.


What are the prices of chin augmentation in Pattaya?

Chin augmentation prices in Pattaya at a top clinic is very reasonable. You can pay as much as AUD 9,087 (NZD9,480 £5,337, €6,089, US$6,905, CAD8,955) where you stay. However, in Pattaya you will pay much less as you may pay an average of AUD 1,235 (NZD1,288, £725, €827, US$938, CAD1,217) for this procedure.

If you get chin augmentation done using dermal fillers instead of surgery, you will pay even lower prices as this is easier. Various dermal fillers can be used for this procedure and the doctor will decide on which one is best for you.

Book with Medical Departures for your chin augmentation in Pattaya for the best price guarantee and go back home looking and feeling more confident and looking better.

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